Sunday, 26 October 2014

FAWSL 2 - The Final Day.

    The race for the title comes down to the final day in the 1st season of the new FAWSL league 2, just as it did with the FAWSL 1 just a fortnight ago. Back then it was three teams with a chance of becoming league champions, Liverpool Ladies coming through from 3rd place on the final day to win the title to retain their title. Two teams have the chance to win the FAWSL 2 title today and with it promotion to the top tier of women's football, Sunderland Ladies and Doncaster Rovers Belles.

   Both have been slugging it out at the top of the table all season the strongest teams in the league, Sunderland leading the way for most of the season were undefeated and a game away from winning the title before Doncaster Rovers Belles travelled up to the Hetton Centre and took the three points, a game in hand last weekend at home to Yeovil Town Ladies, Doncaster Rovers Belles won again to close the gap at the top to 2 points and set up another nail biting final day.

FAWSL 2 Top of the League
Sunderland Ladies
Doncaster Rovers Belles

The Scenario's  
Sunderland win their match and they are champions regardless of Doncaster's result.

Sunderland are also champions if both they and Doncaster lose their matches.

Sunderland will also be crowned champion's if they draw their match and Doncaster fail to win theirs.

 If Sunderland draw their match and Doncaster win theirs then both teams will be tied on 45 points, Doncaster would then win the title on goal difference as theirs is superior to Sunderland's.

    All set up for the final day as both clubs travel down to London to play their last matches Sunderland at The Den against Millwall Lionesses and Doncaster at The Hive against bottom club London Bees.

   Sunderland are in pole position they know the title race is in their own hands they win and they are champions simple... that though is what Chelsea Ladies thought as they travelled up to Manchester City Women on the final day two weeks ago.

   Doncaster need other results to go their way but must do their job at the The Hive, London Bees will finish bottom regardless but will want to bow out at home with a win.

   I'll be travelling down to The Hive to be part of the final day drama, will there be the twists and turns like there was a fortnight ago... probably. The FAWSL 2 has had a superb debut season there is no doubt it has been a great addition to the FAWSL.

           Update - The Match Action

London Bees v Doncaster Rovers Belles - FAWSL2

     Traffic in and around The Hive stadium is always busy whenever I have travelled to watch a match there and today was no exception, although I did get there early, namely because I know they do serve up a particularly good cheeseburger, the coach bringing in the Doncaster Rovers Belles team didn't was stuck in traffic, and thus kick-off was delayed until 2:15. With it being a title deciding final day kick-off at The Den was put back by 15 minutes too.

     The Hive itself is a great sporting facility for both players and fans, the pitch was in fantastic condition as the two teams took to the pitch. 

     London Bees starting XI - Sophie Harris, Lois Colley, Billie Brooks (C), Anneka Nuttall, Samantha Carson, Megan Goss, Amy Cooper, Rebecca Anderson, Paula Howells, Amber Gaylor & Sydney Hinchcliffe.
     subs - Lucy Loomes, Hannah Samuals, Andria Georgiou, Bridie Davies, Katherine Huggins

     Doncaster Rovers Belles starting XI - Nicola Hobbs, Lyndsey Cunningham, Leandra Little (C), Rhiannon Roberts, Victoria Williams, Kasia Lipka, Bethany England, Millie Bright, Jessica Sigsworth, Sue Smith & Courtney Sweetman-Kirk
     subs - Lauren Cresswell, Hope Knight, Reanne Thomas & Ashleigh Mills

    It's Doncaster in their away kit of red shirts and socks with black shorts to get the match underway against London Bees lined up in orange shirts and black shorts and socks. The last thing the home side wanted to do was concede an early goal, although that was exactly what Doncaster would be looking for to settle any nerves in a must win game.

    The visitors are on the attack from the word go with Kasia Lipka putting a ball into Jessica Sigsworth her back to goal she lays it if to the advancing Millie Bright her shot is blocked at close range outside the box. Not long after Sue Smith with Lyndsey Cunningham in support down the right delivers a cross field pass through to Victoria Williams out wide left she fires the ball back across comes to Cunningham on the right she puts a good cross into the near post for Bethany England to attack the midfielder volleys over from six yards.

   GOAL! Doncaster win a corner taken from the left by Smith is put into the six yard box with good pace and height, it's England who rises to meet it unchallenged headers the ball down and into the back of the net to give the visitors an early lead 0-2.

   London Bees attacks are limited, the midfield trying to thread a pass through for either Amber Gaylor or strike partner Sydney Hinchcliffe to run onto, Doncaster's centre backs Rhiannon Roberts and captain Leandra Little are alert to the danger.

   GOAL! Doncaster extend their lead through Courtney Sweetman-Kirk receiving the ball out on the right she goes on the run ball at her feet, drives forwards coming into the box looks to shoot from an acute angle gets plenty of power into the shot and puts it past London Bees goalkeeper, Sophie Harris into the back of the net 0-2.

   GOAL! This time it is Smith who receives the ball out wide right, drives forwards and puts an early cross into the box, finds Sigsworth making a run in on goal and she scores to make it 0-3.

   Not even 15 minutes into the match and Doncaster are rampant with a 3 goal lead, but aren't letting up looking for more as Williams heads the ball down into the six yard box from a corner Sweetman-Kirk latches onto the ball volleys wide.

   GOAL!  Millie Bright gets her name on the score sheet, a tap in at the far post after making a good forward run looking to get on the end of the cross Smith puts in from the left 0-4.

    London Bees, goalkeeper Sophie Harris has had little chance to stop the goals that have been scored by Doncaster her defence having left too many gaps for the visitors to exploit, she does make a good save getting to a Smith shot sent into towards goal from 25 yards out.

   Gaylor looks to make a run into the Doncaster box after passing the ball out to the right for Hinchcliffe to chase, beating her marker the London Bee's striker gets the ball into the box, Doncaster goalkeeper Nicola Hobbs does well to punch the ball away with Gaylor closing in.

   Captain Billie Brooks tries an opportune strike from 40 odd yards out that Hobbs has to deal with, is well positioned however to claim the ball. London Bees have a corner not long after Gaylor putting a low ball in towards the six yard line Hobbs with a point blank instinctive save off Hinchcliffe.

   Doncaster are bossing the midfield, with Lipka, Bright and England working hard to win the ball and the latter pair looking to bomb forwards support the attackers. England wins a tackle moves forwards with the ball let's fly from 30 yards out her effort wide. 

   GOAL! Doncaster have a 5th goal, and it's an unfortunate own goal. Once again the attack builds momentum down the right hand side of the pitch, Smith and Sigsworth combining well the cross comes in towards the far post, knowing there is a runner coming in behind her the London Bees defender tries to chest the ball away can only deflect it past Harris and into the net 0-5.

                               Half-time London Bees 0-5 Doncaster Rovers Belles

     Doncaster are doing there part have a more than comfortable lead going into the break. At half time in the other match Sunderland Ladies have a 1 goal lead over Millwall Lionesses as thing's stand they are going to be FAWSL 2 Champions, still another 45 minutes to play however as London Bees kick off the 2nd period.

   Doncaster have a free kick early on as Gaylor brings down Sigsworth 30 yards from goal it's Smith to take looks to have a shot puts good pace on the strike but not enough height as Harris well placed claims the ball.

    Smith then plays a short corner into Cunningham on the right, the right back puts in a dangerous ball, that is just a little to high for Bright rising inside the box to meet. Both Sweetman-Kirk and Bright have strikes from distance one wide the other over the bar. 

   GOAL! It's 6! Smith gets in on the act, is played in by Sigsworth 30 yards from goal to the left puts in a looping effort that this time has the height and pace to beat Harris as she tries to reach it 0-6.

   London Bees make a change with Anneka Nuttall coming off to be replaced by Andria Georgiou. 

  GOAL! Bright gets her 2nd of the match with a head as she rises at the far post to get onto the end of a well delivered Smith free-kick from wide right 0-7.

    Doncaster make a triple change with Cunningham, Smith and Lipka coming off for Ashleigh Mills, Reanne Thomas and Hope Knight.

   Sigsworth is floored in the box, but the referee plays advantage as the loose ball falls to Bright 25 yards out she powers her strike at goal wide. 

   London Bees make another change with Lucy Loomes coming on for Megan Goss.

  Hope Knight with a good tackle out wide left wins the ball and drives forwards puts a great cross in towards the far post, Sigsworth arrives to meet it but sends her header high and wide. Sigsworth and Sweetman-Kirk link up well in attack with the latter holding up the ball and playing it into Sigsworth run into the box she fires her shot straight at Harris who makes the save.

  GOAL! Rhiannon Roberts gets in on the goal scoring act as Doncaster have another corner the ball delivered once again into the heart of the danger area it's Roberts with a great leap to meet the ball and head it into the back of the net 0-8.

    A rare attack from the London Bees in the 2nd half a strike from 30 yards out from Rebecca Anderson is blocked.

   GOAL! Doncaster break from their own box the ball being fed at pace down the left, late in the game Sweetman-Kirk shows tremendous energy running the length of the pitch to get on the end of the cross field ball and send it into the back of the net 0-9.

   Last effort on goal is from the London Bees a deflected shot from Anderson outside the box that rolls through to Hobbs. The final whistle blows and Doncaster Rovers Belles win the match 9-0. A tough day in what has been a tough season for the London Bees, a young team with plenty of talented individuals the platform is there for the future.

   A fantastic effort on the final day, it is all they could have done, needed the other result to go their way it didn't as Sunderland Ladies went on to beat Millwall Lionesses 4-0 in the end and it this they who are crowned FAWSL 2 Champions and win promotion to FAWSL 1.

    Congratulations to Sunderland Ladies they have had a fantastic season.

    Congratulations, mixed with commiserations to Doncaster Rovers Belles not often a 9-0 win leaves you feeling deflated they too have had a fine season has been a thrilling title race and great for the game that the new league has delivered some great football.

Saturday, 25 October 2014

The Supporting Women's Football Blog FAWSL 1 Team of the Season

      The FAWSL 1 2014 season is over, Liverpool Ladies came from 3rd place going into the final day to retain the title from Chelsea Ladies and Birmingham City Ladies in what was the most competitive and closely fought title race in the 4 years since the new summer league began.

      Not only that but the rest of the silverware that was up for grabs was shared out too, with Arsenal Ladies lifting the FA Women's Cup and new entrants Manchester City Women leaving Wycombe as Continental Cup winners. Shame the season's over... still plenty of great women's football action over the winter though despite what BT Sport tell you.

     Thought I'd have a little bit of fun and give you all what I think is my FAWSL 1 Team of the Season. Of course opinions will be divided on this everyone has one, wouldn't be fun debating these things if we didn't. Had a go at picking my Team of the Season so far going into the summer break... the official one in June that is when the FAWSL 1 season had barely played 4 league games, link to that blog entry below

    Back when that blog entry was written it looked at who had started the season brightly and the XI that had done well for me were:  - Libby Stout
                                           - Chelsea Weston
                                           - Leah Williamson
                                           - Rachel Corsie
                                           - Corinne Yorston
                                           - Jade Moore
                                           - Remi Allen
                                           - Nicki Watts
                                           - Jess Clarke
                                           - Dunia Susi
                                           - Eniola Aluko
   Back then it was early season form that made the XI stand out, now looking for a Team of the Season what you're looking for is consistency throughout the season in the league which players have done well over the long haul, tough to pick a single player in many positions across the pitch and in most cases there are 2,3 or 4 to choose from, so who makes my 2014 FAWSL 1 Team of the Season?


Carly Telford

Notts County Ladies had the best defensive record in the FAWSL 1 this season and their goalkeeper Carly Telford played a large part in keeping the goals conceded tally down. An excellent shot stopper, distributor of the ball and good communicator has made some vital saves during the season, started the season well and has gotten better as the season progressed earning her a recall to the National side along the way and is now putting the established three of Karen Bardsley, Rachel Brown-Finnis & Siobhan Chamberlain under some pressure to retain their places in the squad.

     Liverpool Ladies Libby Stout in my early season Team of the Season has had a good season and Birmingham City Ladies Becky Spencer has like Telford has done well this season and been recognised for an England call up late on too.


     With the reality of relegation entering the FAWSL 1 this season as the summer league gained a 2nd tier goals scored has suffered a little as teams have focused on not conceding, and certainly when you look at the stats from the previous 3 seasons before this and the top scorer getting into double figures, this season the top scorers in the league have just six goals then on the whole especially early in the season defences have been on top, therefore there are a good number of contenders for the back line.

     Let's start with the full backs, in the right back position I have gone for Birmingham City Ladies Chelsea Weston, and it's for consistency throughout the whole season had started the season very well as did Birmingham City Ladies themselves. A no nonsense, hard working defender that knows her job and is rarely caught out of position, maybe doesn't bomb forwards as others might and you would think she mustn't be too far away from getting selected for an England squad. Arsenal Ladies Alex Scott was very close to nicking the spot has had a really strong 2nd part of the season as Arsenal Ladies rallied from an indifferent start to the season. A mention too for Bristol Academy's Grace McCatty who has had a good season at right back too.

   Left back, this was a tough one but I've gone for another Notts County Ladies player in Amy Turner. Like Weston, another no nonsense defender, hard working, good on the cover and her positioning is excellent, her form has earned her a call up to the England U23 squad. It was close though Liverpool Ladies, Corina Shroeder has been another consistant performer throughout the season. Chelsea Ladies, young player Hannah Blundell has done well too this season getting a call up into the U20s World Cup squad for her good form.

Chelsea Weston
Amy Turner
     If picking the full backs was tough then choosing the centre backs is a real challenge have been several good and consistent candidates for this position, that said one player has been a stand out performer in virtually every game I've seen her play in this season be it for the Scottish National team or Notts County Ladies, Rachel Corsie. Was one of the 1st names on my early FAWSL 1 Team of the Seaon so far list and retains that with ease. Has had to cope with having numerous centre back partners too as Notts County Ladies lost players to the dreaded ACL injury in a far too regular basis throughout the season. Corsie though coped with ease a good reader of the game, strong in the challenge, passes well and is useful coming up for a set piece.

     Along side Corsie, in the centre of defence I've gone for Aoife Mannion. Has had a really impressive season in the centre of defence for Birmingham City Ladies just tuned 19 years old she has done fantastically well an ever present all season, up against some top quality attackers, isn't fazed at all, confident and committed and being so young she can only get better.

Aoife Mannion
Rachel Corsie
       The centre back pairing could just as easily been Arsenal Ladies, Leah Williamson and Liverpool Ladies, Lucy Bronze. Both have had very good seasons, Williamson starting the season very well and Bronze coming strong after the early season break. Likewise, Casey Stoney has had a solid 2nd part to the season as Arsenal Ladies regrouped after a poor start and the new players settled down.


    At the start of the season it was her midfield partners that had made my early season team as both Jade Moore and Remi Allen started the season fantastically well for Birmingham City Ladies, now though it's Jo Potter wins a place in the Team of the Season, again through consistency has been instrumental in leading Birmingham City Ladies push for honours at the top of the table, their set piece specialist, energy, vision and passing ability have been superb and like Telford her great form has been recognised with a recall to the National squad. 
Jo Potter

    She became England Ladies most capped player earlier this year and has been the driving force at the centre of Liverpool Ladies midfield all season, Fara Williams. One of those players whose effort doesn't always get recognised as she goes about her task breaking up play and winning the ball in front of the back four then playing it forward for the attackers. Has a useful range of pass and good energy.

Fara Williams

       Joining Potter and Williams in midfield is Chelsea Ladies Korean international star, Ji So Yun. Her 1st season in the FAWSL she has been a great signing by coach Emma Hayes. Playing in an advanced role in the middle of the park she is nimble and agile, sees the runs other are making and looks to play them in, links up particularly well with Japanese star Yuki Ogimi. Is good with the dead ball, looks like she can make something happen everytime she has the ball at her feet.

Ji So Yun

    Birmingham City Ladies, Jade Moore and Remi Allen both started the season well, and perhaps had it not been for her injury keeping her out for a few games towards the end of the season Moore would have kept her place. Sophie Ingle has had some great performances for Bristol Academy since her move from Chelsea Ladies this season. Jill Scott likewise once Manchester City Women settled down going into the latter part of the season has improved and done a good job in midfield. 


       Goals have been more spread out amongst teams this season with no attacking player getting into double figures like previous seasons in the FAWSL. Again like the defence and midfield it was a tough one to pick an final three.

Nicki Watts

Bristol Academy player Nicki Watts has been fantastic for her club all season, every time I have seen her play she has always impressed. Playing in a deeper role behind the lone striker she is the player that Bristol Academy are looking to get on the ball to spark an attacking move, laying it forwards for Natalia Pablos Sanction or out wide to Natasha Harding  or Corrine Yorston. Watts is the looking to get into the box and join in the move look to score or set up a goal. Has scored some great goals this season from inside and outside the box.

Karen Carney

     This was the hardest position to fill because it was a straight choice between two players, Notts County Ladies, Jess Clarke and Birmingham City Ladies, captain Karen Carney. I have picked Carney because over the 14 game season she has played a large part in helping her team maintain the challenge at the top of the FAWSL. Her late goal against Manchester City Women, vital in making sure her club had the chance of winning the title going into the final day. With great pace and dribbling ability, hard to shake off the ball has scored goals at important times throughout the season.

Eniola Aluko


    For all the hard decisions to make in picking a final XI, Eniola Aluko's name was the 1st one put down on paper. The Chelsea Ladies and England striker has been in brilliant form all season for club and country. Works tremendously hard up front for her team covers a lot of ground working to retain the ball, win it back and hold it up to bring others into play. Looks to run into both channels and has the pace and trickery to beat players. Looks to play an assist as much as she looks for goal herself a good bet for PFA Player of the Year in my eyes.

    Jess Clarke just misses out was a tough call because she has done well this season, her goals were needed as she led the line for Notts County Ladies after they lost Ellen White at the start of the season. Just the clubs general dip in form after the break allowed others in. Team mate Dunia Susi started the season well too. Yuki Ogimi for Chelsea Ladies has had a good season too.

    Here it is then the Supporting Women's Football Blog FAWSL 1 Team of the Season 2014


    Sure your team of the season would be different it's great that there have been so many great performances from players in the FAWSL 1 to choose from.



Thursday, 23 October 2014

Match Report - Bury Town Ladies v Tottenham Hotspur Ladies - Ryman Cup

     A trip down to Suffolk this Thursday night to have a look at another two women's football teams for the 1st time in the 1st round of the Ryman Women's Cup, Bury Town Ladies v Tottenham Hotspur Ladies.

    A tough challenge on paper for the home side Bury Town Ladies, newly promoted from the Suffolk Women's League to the Eastern Region Women's Football League, Division One North, against Tottenham Hotspur Ladies playing three leagues above and long established in the FA Women's Premier League, Southern Division.

     A great opportunity for Bury Town Ladies to play a higher league placed opponent. Have started well in the ERWFL Division One North leading the way with a 100% record after 4 matches played. Play their home matches at Bury Town FC's, Ram Meadow in Bury St Edmunds. Under the floodlights the game had been well promoted by the club and it's partners, is one of the more proactive women's football clubs on social media and it was good to see it had paid off as a healthy crowd of 280+ had turned up to watch.

    Tottenham Hotspur Ladies lay in mid-table in the FAWPL Southern Division with 13 points after 7 played. Rarely get to see an club in this division play and have been keen to take a look at Tottenham Hotspur Ladies for a while.

    Bury Town Ladies starting XI - Charlotte Osbourne, Lisa Pratt, Emma Boreham (C), Stephanie Hanratty, Amelia Deuchars, Lyndsie Duemmel, Helen Cryer, Kate Shorter, Norma Locker, Laura Brown & Gemma Carter.
     subs - Shelley Cocksedge, Laura Bloomfield, Chelsea Panter & Hayley Turner.

    Tottenham Hotspur Ladies starting XI - Lauren Picton, Sophie McLean, Renee Williams, Alex Keown, Leanne Mabey, Shannon Moloney, Wendy Martin (C), Maya Vio, Avilla Bergin, Lucia Leon & Katie O'Leary.
     subs - Toni-Anne Wayne, Andra Marcoci & Kitty Lyons

   Under the lights another pleasant autumn night, clear skies the Ram Meadow pitch looked in good condition it was Bury to kick off the match wearing an all blue kick against Tottenham lined up in white shirts and socks with navy shorts. Pressing into the Tottenham half the visitors win the ball ball and launch it forwards early on for attacker Lucia Leon to chase, Bury goalkeeper Charlotte Osbourne is quickly off her line to take the ball.

     Tottenham look to have a good deal of pace in their side especially down the wings as they travel quickly with the ball, a cross is fired into the area from the left the target Leon on the edge of the box takes the ball down, Osbourne closes her down diving at her feet and claiming the ball.

    Tottenham win a corner, it's Shannon Moloney to take puts a good delivery into the box comes through to their captain Wendy Martin, her contact is heavy and she puts the ball over the bar. Bury aren't being given any time to settle in the ball, in the middle of the park Kate Shorter looks to play a forward pass through for striker Lyndsie Duemmel to run onto, Tottenham's centre backs close the gap there is no way through.

    In the middle Martin is covering alot of ground looking to get forwards and support the attackers, the ball at her feet looks to prod it forwards into the run of Leon, Bury's captain Emma Boreham makes a vital tackle stretching to take the ball away from her, the ball half cleared comes back to Martin 30 yards out her shot is over.

    Martin hits the post as she strikes across the ball having made a determined run forwards to get into the box. The play is all in the Bury half, Tottenham are spreading the play making runs in behind pushing the home side back.

   GOAL! Tottenham take the lead, with another attacking move numbers are up the pitch as Bury win the ball inside the box and launch up the pitch, the ball is won back and played back into towards Leon who has peeled away to the right of the penalty box in space, onside breaks into the box, Osbourne comes out to close her down, Leon gets the ball around her as she dives in front of her and places the ball into the empty net 0-1.

   Katie O'Leary has a strike from outside the box for Tottenham the shot taking a deflection goes out for a corner, taken short the cross is played into the area, Osbourne is well positioned to take the ball. Tottenham are racking up the corners, Osbourne is called into action as Moloney plays one set piece into the crowded six yard box the keeper with a good fist to punch clear under challenge.

    GOAL! A surging run down the left from Tottenham's Avilla Bergin she leaves her marker behind, puts in an early cross evading Osbourne at the near post arrives in the centre where Katie O'Leary having made a great run in support is there to turn the ball into the net to double the visitors lead, 0-2.

     O'Leary puts a shot in from outside the box as Tottenham build another attack, Osbourne makes a good diving save, the flag is raised for an offside however. Pushed back by Tottenham, Bury are finding it difficult to get the ball into there out attackers, Duemmell seeing very little of the ball.

    GOAL! Tottenham extend their lead with another flowing attack once again down the left with Bergin her quick turn of pace leaving the Bury back line exposed the ball comes into the area nothing Osbourne can do as it goes past her to find O'Leary free again to place the ball into the net 0-3.

   Osbourne makes a fantastic save as Tottenham's O'Leary and Leanne Mabey link up will down the right, the cross is put in the defensive header doesn't get the distance O'Leary is onto it outside the box, shoots looking for the far post, Osbourne with the diving save punches the ball well clear of her area.

                         Half-time Bury Town Ladies 0-7 Tottenham Hotspur Ladies

    A clinical and professional display from Tottenham in the 1st half have played some very good free flowing attacking football, used the pitch well have pace to burn. Bury have found it tough been pushed back, which has made it hard to get any attacking moves going.

   Tottenham kick off the 2nd half and are on the attack straight away, Martin making a forwards move manages to stay onside as the ball is put through to her inside the box, she pulls the trigger but sends her effort wide of the post.

    GOAL! It's not long before the visitors extend their lead, the ball played through into the box Bury's Stephanie Hanratty coming across from the right back position on the cover makes a good tackle to deny Leon a shot inside the box, the ball though isn't cleared, it's Martin who hugging the back line evades the offside trap chases the ball to the byline inside the area and puts it across the goal line to the far post where O'Leary is arriving for a simple tap in to complete her hat-tick 0-4.

   Time on the ball is at a premium for Bury the player most likely to make anything happen is Kate Shorter in the middle can hold the ball up and looks to turn gets a forward pass into Duemmel who see's Gemma Carter making a run out on the right, can't find her a Tottenham's Sophie McClean reads the threat and makes the interception looks to drive forwards with the ball.

    Tottenham make a change bringing on Andra Marcoci for Avilla Bergin. Bury make a changes too bringing on Hayley Turner and Chelsea Panter for Amelia Deuchars and Lyndsie Duemmel.

   Marcoci is into the action straight away winning the ball off the Bury defence and shooting early from the edge of the box, Osbourne sees it all the way makes the save.

   Martin is played though again looks to be clear on goal, Hanratty is with her though pushes her wide and concedes the corner. Moloney plays the ball in then as the ball is cleared it comes back out to her with the time to line up a shot wide left she looks for the near side top corner, blasts the ball against the post and out for a goal kick.

  Tottenham make another change Leon the player coming off to be replaced by Kitty Lyons.

  Osbourne makes a save with her legs as Tottenham look to put O'Leary through on goal again. Mabey out on the right pushes forwards with the ball looks to come inside and get a shot away pulls the strike across the goal and wide.

     GOAL! Bury are tiring have worked very hard to keep the score line down, but it's the fresh legs of Marcoci that look to do the damage this time receiving the ball just inside the area, she dribbles across the box evading two tackles, see's Martin coming in making another good attacking run as she has done all game lays it into her path and Martin scores 0-5.

   Boreham almost puts the ball into the back of her own net as Tottenham put a dangerous ball in from the left, into the six yard box, Boreham's header is vital with a player coming in behind her, deflects the ball just past the post for a corner.

   Bury with a set piece after Tottenham concede a sloppy corner, the ball is played into the crowded near post area the header looping up and across the goal, no one has gambled at the far post as the ball lands and is cleared.

    Martin is taken down centrally 25 yards from goal, it's Moloney to take, Osbourne is almost caught out with the shot, good reflexes manages to save with her leg put the ball out for a corner.

    GOAL! Tottenham add a 6th goal, Martin is played in as she makes the run into the area her shot is saved at point blank range by Osbourne, the deflected ball though comes to O'Leary to score her 4th of the night 0-6.

   Kate Shorter has the ball 40 yards from goal has time at last has a go for goal, pulls her effort wide.

    GOAL! Late into the game now and Tottenham add a 7th goal. It's Marcoci who scores as she makes a strong run against a tired defence on the right runs into the box and shoots from an acute angle pace on the ball Osbourne can't get down to make the save 0-7.

    The final whistle blows and Tottenham win the tie 0-7 and progress to the next round of the Ryman Cup. Was a good performance from the visiting team, who stroked the ball about well have pace and good movement, ran Bury ragged at times, the football flowing in attack.

   Bury won't like losing the game by 7 but knew they were up against it, was a great opportunity to face a premier league team, sure they will have learnt a lot from the experience can use it to their advantage should be buoyed by the fantastic support they received and I hope that several of those who came to watch tonight will come again, it's these sorts of crowds that I want to see, well done Bury.

    This match has left me hungry to see both teams in action again. I appreciate the help both clubs gave me with the squad details tonight, thank you.


Sunday, 19 October 2014

Match Report - Milton Ladies v Sawtry Ladies

    On to my 2nd match of the day just a few miles up the road to the Sycamores Recreation Ground in Milton to watch two more teams from the Cambridgeshire Women's Championship South, Milton Ladies versus league leaders Sawtry Ladies in the 2pm KO.

    A short drive from Girton the Sycamores Recreation Ground is located at the end of a new housing estate easy to find if you follow the sign posts and ignore your sat nav. A smaller receation ground than Girten's it boasts the same facilities and the pitch surrounded by tall trees on three sides was protected from the breeze that had been prominant in the earlier match. A good sized sized pitch with a visble crater present for the attacking left winger to fall into.

    Milton Ladies were in mid table after starting the season with 2 wins and a defeat on 6 points had the chance to overhaul their visitors Sawtry Ladies 2 points ahead on 8 at the top of the table have played 5 won 2 drawn 2 and 1 defeat.

      Milton Ladies squad - Lauren Lock, Lauren Threadgold, Marianne Rowley, Katrina Brown, Joanne Carr, Sharon Rayment, Ligia Ramos, Patricia Jarmaine, Katie Tedstone, Sarah Freestone, Cara Agar-Hutty, Danielle Briggs

      Sawtry Ladies squad - Giulia Giaffreda, Mollie Flack, Cat Harris, Emily Holman, Katie Hardy, Mollie Mayston, Georgia Rebane, Harriett Ford, Jorgie Hall, Drew Jenkins, Sasha Smith, Molly Berryman, Penelope Ford, Nicola Holliday.

                                           (roll on roll off substitutes)

      It was Sawtry to kick off the match wearing yellow shirts, blue shorts and socks against Milton lined up in navy shirts and scoks with yellow shorts. It was a quiet opening to the match the ball travelling up and down the flanks but neither side getting a meaning ball into the area, looked to be two evenly matched sides.

     Sawtry are the 1st to play a ball into the area after good build up play down the right of the pitch however Milton goalkeeper Lauren Lock is quick off her line to come out and claim the ball on the edge of her box.

   Milton's centre back Sharon Rayment is called into action coming across the six yard box to make the challenge as Sawtry's Jorgie Hall is put through the visitors have a corner, the set piece is played across the goal mouth over everyone and out.

    Milton look to play the ball through the centre have their captain Sarah Freestone on the ball she looks to put the ball into the path of striker Lauren Threadgold, Sawtry's Georgia Rebane makes an important interception cutting out the pass.

     Sawtry counter attack the ball put out to Katie Hardy on the left wing she looks to drive forwards get into a good crossing position, Rayment is across makes another tackle to stop the attack, Sawtry have a corner.
There are cries for handball from Sawtry as the ball is played out to the edge of the box, the referee waves the appeals away.

    20 minutes in an no attempts on goal both sides doing a good job in defence. Sawtry register the 1st shot as they attack down the right Jorgie Hall gets the ball past her marker to burst into the box shoots puts the ball across the goal and wide.

   In the middle for Milton, Freestone has the ball passes it to Danielle Briggs she makes a strong forwards run lays the ball forwards into Threadgold the attacker is in on goal, Sawtry's captain Cat Harris stays with her get's her foot on the ball to stop her getting the shot away.

    Sawtry are progressive in their build up play look for the shorter pass as they move the ball up the pitch on the right win a corner, the ball coming into the crowded six yard box Lock calls and claims a good catch under challenge.

    For Milton it's Freestone with time on the ball in the middle that is looking for the pass to put her strikers in on goal, once again Threadgold get's into a position to shoot centrally, the shot is blocked by Harris sliding  in to block.

   Sawtry get the ball over the Milton back line have Mollie Mayston chasing it down with Lock coming off her line to challenge Mayston sticks a foot out prods it past her but wide of goal, Lock recovers quickly to dive on the ball before Mayston can get to it.

    Briggs with a powerful run on the right for Milton has Marianne Rowley with her in support linking well Briggs fires the ball across the edge of the area Sawtry kick it away but only out to Freestone on the centre she plays the ball back into the area Rowley tries to turn it towards goal, puts it wide.

    Break for Sawtry, this time it's Milton's Katrina Brown with the tackle on Jorgie Hall, she wins the ball back puts a fierce cross into the box that Lock parries up then claims at the 2nd attempt.

   Briggs on the counter for Milton coming in from the left flank ends her strong run with a 20 yard shot, Sawtry goal keeper Giulia Giaffreda saves with her feet deflecting the ball up and away to her right comes to Milton's Cara Agar-Hutty whose instinctive header is put wide of goal.

                                        Half-time Milton Ladies 0-0 Sawtry Ladies

    A game of very few chances in the 1st half both sides fairly evenly matches with both defences doing a good job at not allowing any space. Sawtry sitting a little deeper have drawn Milton out a little have looked to get through their back line then have found goal keeper Lock more than willing to come off her line and deal with the ball.

     Milton kick off the 2nd half, starts very much like the 1st half. Milton have a period of sustained pressure in and around Sawtry's box thatt ends with Briggs putting a 25 yard drive wide of the near post.

   Winning a free kick on the left the ball is played in Emily Holman finds herself in on goal hooks the ball over the bar as Lock comes off her line to close her down.

     Milton's Freestone wins the ball has the space to line up a 30 yard shot hasn't quite got the height to beat Giaffreda who stretching plucks it out of the air.

    Milton break from a Sawtry corner with Briggs running half the length of the pitch looks to slot a pass through into Threadgold, almost succeed's as Rebane does well stretchnig to make the interception, then looks to get another attack going.

   GOAL! Sawtry have the ball out on the left Holman and Hardy combine working it forwards is played inside to Jorgie Hall, looks to strike from 30 yards out sends the ball in at a good height, Lock can't get enough glove on the ball to stop it going in and the visitors break the dead lock 0-1.

    Hall then hit's the post from 40+ yards out taking a free kick coming back out into the playing area the ball is then put wide for a goal kick. Sawtry are the strong side at the moment have used their substitute options more regulary as Milton start to tire.

    The visitors have a corner taken short put a cross into the box, a shot comes in, Lock makes a good save, with a good kick out gets the ball forwards quickly Katie Tedstone, nearly squeezes through the Sawtry centre backs as her shot is blocked on the edge of the area.

    Briggs with another strong run for Milton looks to make her way into the box, into the area her touch is a little too strong as she evades a challenge, allows Giaffreda the chance to claim the ball before she can get into a shooting position.

    Briggs then tries her luck from 35 yards out Giaffreda seeing the swerving shot wide of her post. Giaffreda then keeps her eye on a high ball sent into the area, not fazed by Threadgold coming in to close her down.

   Sawtry look to double their lead late on Hardy with the ball in the middle looks to put Holman through her attempt at goal lacks the power as it rolls safely into Lock's gloves. The final whistle blows and Sawtry take the 3 points to move onto 11 points at the top of the Cambridgeshire Women's Championship South.

   A closely fought contest between two hard working sides that were fairly even with few clear cut chances on offer the defences for the most part on top, Sawtry worked hard to earn the 3 points, Milton might feel they did enough to share the points a good contest.

    There was one other match in the Cambridgeshire Women's Championship South today with Newmarket Town Ladies moving onto 10 points and 2nd behind Sawtry after beating Little Paxton Ladies 3-1.

   An enjoyable double bill of women's football in Cambridge today two contrasting games. I thank both Milton and Sawtry for helping me out with their squad details.


Match Report - Cambridge Rangers v March Town United Ladies

     A brand new league for myself to take a look at this Sunday as I continue my coverage of women's football in the East of England and an opportunity to take in double the match action too with my 1st game kicking off at 11am.

    Most of my coverage of women's football in Cambridgeshire has been in the higher leagues the FAWPL South East Division One with Cambridge WFC and the ERWFL Premier Division with Gt Shelford, but I have wanted to catch a few games in the county league set up too. This season there are 3 divisions in Cambridgeshire, having previously been the two split between North and South. Now for the 2104/15 there is the Women's Premiership comprising of 7 teams and then the Women's Championship North with 8 teams competing and the Women's Championship South with 6 teams competing.

    It is the Cambridgeshire Women's Championship South that gets the coverage today starting with a fixture between the two clubs at the bottom of the table Cambridge Rangers v March Town United Ladies.

    It's still early days in the season, today's host Cambridge Rangers have played 4 matches and have 3 points having won 1 and lost 3 of there opening fixtures. March Town United Ladies were bottom playing catch up with most of the rest in the league having played just the 2 games before today and yet to pick up a league point.

    The venue for today's league encounter Girton Recreation Ground in the north of Cambridge. Arrived a little later than I wanted to due to the copious amount of tractors hogging the A10 on a Sunday morning but nevertheless found the pitch introduced myself to both coaches and was all set for the match. The pitch prepared by the ground staff had a good gradient upon it from one goal mouth to the other and is somewhat exposed to the elements although bright and sunny there was a stiff breeze swirling around.

  Cambridge Rangers squad - Connie DeMartino, Zoe Colgate, Peggy Keeler, Laura Bevins, Nicola Brewin, Elizabeth Dobson, Tanya Prince, Hoi Yee Ng, Ali Hodgson, Rachel Hesketh, PJ Burns, Ruth Brazewell.

    March Town United Ladies squad - Helena Casen-Morris, Becky Bourlet, Emma Frost, Michelle Cracknell, Sydney Davis, Michelle Fisher, Anna Hatcher, Hannah Johnson, Charley Miller, Emma Searle, Kirsty Smith, Rachael Davies & Jade Pointer.

                                                     (roll on roll off substitutes)

      It was the home side, Cambridge to kick off the game their kit pink shirts, black shorts with pink and black hooped socks against March lined up in yellow shirts with black across the chest and shoulders, black shorts and socks. The visitors were fielding an outfield player in goal for today's match.

     The visitors were on the attack early on keeping the ball in Cambridge's half as the looked to break in numbers, getting the ball into the channels they couldn't find a final ball to threaten Cambridge's goal, neither keeper touching the ball in the opening 5 minutes until March's captain Anne Hatcher tries to launch a pass over the top for striker Michelle Cracknell to chase down she can't reach it before Cambridge's Connie DeMartino comes out off her line to take the ball.

    March work the ball down the right hand side of the pitch eventually winning a corner, the 1st attempt is headed behind by a defender, on the 2nd corner the ball coming into the centre is headed down into the ground by Hatcher, bouncing across the six yard line comes to Emma Frost at the far post her shot comes back off the post and Cambridge clear.

    GOAL! The visitors take the lead through their captain Anne Hatcher as the midfielder beats the offside trap is free for a run on goal one on one with the keeper, she shoots early the keeper trying to kick the ball away can't get enough on it to stop the ball going into the back of the net 0-1.

    Having been causing problems down the right of the pitch for March, Emma Searle has moved over to the left finds herself with plenty of space as the ball is put through to her 25 yards from goal she takes two strides with the ball then shoots pulls her shot across the goal and wide.

    Cambridge have had little of the ball in attack been defending for the most part do win a free kick wide right the set piece played into midfielder Nicola Brewin on the edge of the box her turn and shot is blocked at close range then put out for a throw, keeping the pressure on the ball coming to Cracknell she has a shot from 20 yards out, nervous hands from the March keeper but she does enough to deflect the ball up onto the crossbar and then clear.

     GOAL! March double their lead as they break quickly the ball coming to Emma Searle who makes a driving run down the right of the pitch on the run shoots from 25 yards out, the keeper gets a glove to the ball but doesn't stop it going into the net 0-2.

     Cambridge captain Hoi Yee Hg, looks to get an attack going combines well with Brewin in the centre working the ball forwards is put into Ali Hogdson who shoots early pulls the effort wide of the post.

    GOAL! March have a 3rd goal from another corner put in from the left, DeMartino gets her gloves to it palms the ball away from her goal, but not clear of the box, the ball is lofted back in towards Searle waiting at the far post unmarked she has a free header puts the ball home to make it 0-3.

   GOAL! Cambridge pull a goal back almost immediately as they counter attack swiftly, it's Hodgson with the early shot the effort blocked, March fail to get the ball clear as it is played out to the wide right position, the cross is drilled across the area, comes all the way through to Hodgson out left, who inside the box drills the ball low and across the keeper to score and pull one goal back before half time 1-3.

                         Half-time Cambridge Rangers 1-3 March Town United Ladies

    A strong 1st half performance from the visitors with most of the possession have created more chances and scored 3 goals, right on the stroke of half time Cambridge pull one goal back.

    It's March to kick off the 2nd half, Cambridge getting hold of the ball start the 2nd half the brighter.

   GOAL! The ball is held up well by PJ Burns in the middle 20 yards out with her back to goal lays it off into the run Hoi Yee Ng is making in support 25 yards out she unleaches a shot driven low towards goal at pace the keeper attempts to kick it away doesn't get the contact required and it's a goal 2-3.

    Just the start the home side needed to the 2nd half pulling a 2nd goal back early on, but March still have the lead as they win a corner via a good run from the back from Emma Frost, the ball is played into the area 10 yards out it's Jade Pointer who rises to meet the ball with her head, DeMartino is well placed to take the ball.

    Pointer has another chance as she receives the ball wide right looks to drive inside evades a challenge from Yee Ng outside the box manages to get a shot away, it takes a nick off a defender and spins wide of goal for a corner. The set piece is played out to the edge of the area and it's Hatcher who shoots wide from 18 yards out.

    Yee Ng getting forwards in attack is played in through the middle looks to curl a low shot inside the post from outside the box, the ball won't turn back in time as the keeper see's it wide of her post.

    GOAL! It's 3-3 Cambridge are back on level terms, from a long ball played forwards that March's defence heads up and away it is Yee Hg who gets her head to the ball, then the ball is headed back to her 30 yards out she sends a looping ball high into the box looked a nothing ball but causes the keeper problems dropping down close to the crossbar is under it and goes in to make it 3-3.

     Cambridge have done well to get back into the match, now though March are spurred into action with Hatcher playing the ball out to the right for Pointer to run onto, not breaking her stride she takes an early shot lacks any power, easy take for the keeper.

    Pointer then breaks beating her marker on the right is free baring down on the area looking to go central, but Cambridge's defence recover well tracking back to make a vital tackle to deny the shooting opportunity. Pointer get's another chance to attack soon after this time evades the covering tackle get's free inside the box but leaning back into her shot drags it wide.

    GOAL! Heartbreak for the home side, but joy for the visitors as March regain the lead. The attack on it's Hatcher who plays the ball through the Cambridge back line onto Pointer her shot inside the box is blocked loops up and back out towards Cracknell 25 yards out, has time to line up her shot, sends it back in at a good height and pace and scores 3-4.

   Cambridge win a corner after the referee allows the advantage after a hand ball, The set piece is flashed across goal at a good height but no pink head can meet it. March counter attack the shot coming early from Pointer is deflected up spinning into Cracknell, chesting it down she puts her shot wide, last action of the match and March win it 4-3 to register their 1st 3 points of the season and move off the bottom of the table.

   A lively game with plenty of goals March starting the stronger going 3-0 up before Cambridge struggling to get on the ball managed to pull one back right on the stroke of half time. The home side doing well to fightback level the scores just didn't have enough energy left to hold on as March came back to seal the victory.

      Thanks to both clubs for helping me out with the squad details.



Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Match Report - Luton Town Ladies v Bedford Ladies - FAWPL South East Division One

    A midweek trip down to Bedfordshire to watch a league game in the FA Women's Premier League (FAWPL) South East Division One between the two leading women's team in the county and an opportunity to visit a famous old ground for the 1st time as the game was being held at Luton Town FC's Kenilworth Road Stadium.

    An old ground a rarity these days as it is an inner city stadium surrounded by housing on three sides, a mixture of renovated and old stands that has seen much history and in recent times troubled off the pitch it is a ground steeped in character, showing it's age in places maybe but that only adds to it's distinction.

   Fantastic that the men's club had agreed to a women's football fixture being played there, knew from when it was announced quite recently that the venue had been secured both teams were excited by the prospect of playing there.

    A local derby Luton Town Ladies are an established side in the division, where as Bedford Ladies are newly promoted this season having won the Eastern Region Women's Premier Division title last season. The visitors though find themselves propping up the league following the sad news that Ebbsfleet United Ladies had pulled out of the league. Bedford Ladies have registered just one league point from 6 games played but apart from one blip had lost these games by just the one goal, such as the reverse fixture at home to Luton Town Ladies earlier in the season where they went down 2-1.

    Luton Town Ladies sit in mid table in the league after a good start to the season have lost the last couple and were looking to get back to winning ways on what was a fairly wet and miserable night with the rain having been lashing down more or less for my entire drive down to Kenilworth Rd. With an appointment I couldn't cancell getting there on time for KO was a challenge and I thought I'd miss it as I arrived at the ground but luckily KO was delayed for a few minutes and I took my seat just in time for the match action.

     Luton Town Ladies stating XI - Hollie Staples, Michelle Byrne, Rachel Kosky, Rachel Carter, Shanice Jimenez (C), Jessica McKay, Zara Carroll, Nicola Livingstone, Erica Byron, Remi Bains & Rebecca Kane.
      subs - Angelika Kopec, Jodie McCelland, Amy Nash & Henny Horsler

    Bedford Ladies starting XI - Katie Upton, Katie Hay, Sophie Britton, Lottie Burton, Suzie Darby, Lucy Bateman, Chloe Scott, Maisie Wyatt, Natasha Fensome (C), Rebecca Vass & Eden Washington.
    subs - Chelsea Hunter, Cyeanne Eaton, & Shannon Carroll.

    It was the visitors Bedford to kick off the game under the floodlights in their kit of white shirts, black shorts and socks lined up against Luton lined up in orange shirts with navy shorts and socks. The pitch looked in great condition lush and green albeit slick on top with the amount of rain that had been falling and continued to drive across the floodlights.

    Bedford started brightly were on the attack and looking to get at a Luton side that was missing several players through injury especially at the back. With Natasha Fensome, Bedford's captain looking to get on the ball and play in striker Eden Washington in front of her.

    Luton win the ball back in defence and look to spring a quick counter attack the ball played up to their captain Shanice Jeminez making a run into the right channel driving to the corner she puts in a waist high cross that Bedford keeper Katie Upton takes at the near post, her throw out to her defenders is mis- controlled allows Luton's Zara Carroll to intercept and strike from 25 yards out, Upton though has shifted quickly across her goal line and is there to make the save.

      At the other end of the pitch Eden Washington steals the ball from a defender and looks to be in on goal, seeing the danger however Luton goalkeeper Hollie Staples is quick off her line to make the save at Washington's feet.

      Natasha Fensome with time on the ball 30 yards from goal looks to shoot puts the ball in along the ground, Staples with the dive drops low to collect the ball. Washington with a strong run in the middle plays the ball out wide right to Rebecca Vass making a supporting run she shoots the shot is blocked.

   A poor kick from Upton in the wet conditions gives Jeminez an unexpected chance to have a run at goal as she intercepts the ball 20 yards out looks to drive forwards and get her shot away, can't get it off the ground as Upton back tracking recovers well to claim the ball.

    Luton having soaked up the early pressure from Bedford are coming into the game more looking to get their wide players, Jeminex right and Erica Byron left on the ball to make runs into the channels look to put crosses into the box. One good build up leads to Rebacca Kane in the centre receiving the ball just inside the box back to goal she see's Zara Carroll is free in the middle lays the ball into her path, on the run Carroll strikes the ball, drilling it towards goal from long range the shot off target.

     GOAL! Luton win a corner after a free kick is played into the box from the halfway line, coming in from the right the set piece is driven low towards the 18 yard line, it's Zara Carroll who meets it takes a touch and sends the ball towards goal and scores as Upton dives in vain getting something on the ball but not enough the home side lead 1-0.

     Carroll has another chance as she has the ball out wide right cuts back inside from the by line puts in a cross shot that has Upton concerned as it curls back inside towards the goal close but turns late going wide of the far post.

    Washington is played in by Fensome to the left of goal, Staples is out of her goal quickly again to look to put her off stays big as Washington tries to lob her at an acute angle gets the ball over her but wide.

    GOAL! Bedford win a corner on the right the ball coming into the near post area is headed up high and across the goal by Chleo Scott, dropping down a shot comes in cannons off the upright, rebounds back to Scott who powers the ball home to bring the scores level 1-1.

    Staples is out off her line quickly seeing the danger as Fensome plays a pass through to Washington she is in to attack the goal, Staples slides on the slick surface diving to close down the angle, Washington looks to dink the ball over her and into the back of the net but at close range can't get enough height as Staples gets a glove to the ball.

    Late in the half Upton is lucky to still be on the pitch as Luton play the ball over the top for Rebecca Kane to chase she is under challenge from the defensive as Upton comes rushing out and clumsily takes her out trying to make a save, is hurt in the challenge the incident is right on the 18 yard line the referee gives her a yellow card. The set piece is taken by Carroll who has a long run up and shoots blasts the ball against the cross bar.

                                       Half-time Luton Town Ladies 1-1 Bedford Ladies

    A fairly even and fast paced 1st half both teams creating chances the scores level the rain continues to fall as the home side kick off the 2nd half. The opening exchanges are fairly even with both sides unable to get a final ball into the box.

    Maisie Wyatt fro Bedford with the ball in the left looks to come inside tries to slide a pass into Washington, the ball is intercepted and Luton break quickly shoot early from distance Upton sees the shot all the way and makes the save.

    The ball is played across the pitch to Luton's Erica Byron coming in from the left, looks to shoot from 25 yards out her effort goes wide across the goal face. Another good chance for Luton as Rebecca Kane chases down forward pass to the left of the box looks to put the ball back across goal with the outside of her boot, it comes to Remi Bains who has made a good run in support at the far post six yards out screws her attempt at goal wide.

     Juminez has a shot from 30 yards out after Luton win the ball again at the back and look to break. The home side make a change with Bains coming off and Henny Horsler coming on up front. Has an almost instant impact as she holds the ball up well lays it off to Jeminez charging in she shoots the effort off target.

   For Bedford, Fensome is being given time and space on the ball uses it well looking to drive forwards from the middle pulls out to the left channel and strikes the ball hard towards the near post, Staples with good hands makes the save.

    GOAL! Luton retake the lead, numbers forward in attack looking to find a way through Bedford struggle to clear the ball Rebecca Kane stays strong riding a challenge on the edge of the area is through on goal one on one with the keeper, Upton tries to put her off but staying composed Kane puts it past her and into the back of the net 2-1.

     Luton are having much more of the ball 2nd half are looking to add to their scoreline Jessica McKay in a central position puts a long range drive wide of goal.

   Fensome with another powerful run from the middle peels left again her shot takes a deflection Bedford have a corner coming into the near post, Maisie Wyatt puts her header wide from close range.

   Luton on the attack with Byron a strong run down the left of the pitch plays the ball into Horsler who has time and space to tee up a shot from outside the box, on target Upton makes a good save at the near post. Luton hit the bar again as Kane chests down a long pass as she makes a forward run, looks to shoot the ball looping up off the cross bar, comes to Byron who blasts her effort wide.

   Bedford are tiring in the wet condition's Luton are getting shots in from long range nothing to trouble Upton late. McKay pulls another long range drive wide, before Jimenez blasts a shot in from 20 yards that Upton saves with her feet.

      The full time whistle blows and Luton Town Ladies win the match 2-1. Another fast paced game with good play from both sides despite the awful weather. Another defeat by Bedford by a single goal margin.

    A good experience for both teams getting to play at Kenilworth Road hopefully Luton Town FC will give their ladies team more opportunities in the near future. I thank both teams for their assistance in helping me out with the squad details.