Sunday, 29 January 2017

Match Report - Lowestoft Town Ladies v Denham United Ladies

 Ended January with a trip to the Suffolk coast to watch Lowestoft Town Ladies play Denham United Ladies in FAWPL South East Division One. 

  Has been a postponement hit start to the New Year affecting alot of clubs, lack of game time, Lowestoft Town Ladies are playing their 1st game of 2017 having last played back on December 18th. Were one of the 40 postponed matches across the East last weekend. Not only in need of a game but also points as the club are currently bottom of the FAWPL South East Division One with just the one win in the league to date. Looks like a 3 way battle at the bottom between Lowestoft, Norwich City Ladies and Stevenage Ladies. Play Denham United Ladies home and away over the next 2 weekends before an away trip to Stevenage Ladies on Sun 12th February. Have seen the departure of striker Molly Hall going to America to play. Have brought in attacking player, Nettie Stillinger from Cambridge United WFC.

  Denham United Ladies are currently 7th in the FAWPL South East Division One table with 5 wins from the 13 league games they have played so far. One of the biggest all female clubs in the country are an established side in the league are capable of beating anyone else in the league on their day. With 5 of their next 6 league games against sides below them in the table have an opportunity to pick up points and not only pull well clear of the battle at the bottom but challenge for a top half finish. 

  The venue for today's game Crown Meadow home of Lowestoft Town FC, the ladies side are one of a handful of sides in the FAWPL who share their ground with the men's club. A large pitch has seen a fair bit of wear. A large seated stand on one side opposite the dugouts, a bar and clubhouse open behind the goal as you walk in through the turnstiles. Was another wet weekend across the region but not so bad as last time out. Overcast, cold and cloudy there were a few spots of rain around so with a covered stand to take advantage of I headed there. 

  Lowestoft Town Ladies starting XI - Eilish Brogan, Lyndsey Adams, Charnelle Riggall, Tiffany Forshaw, Ellie Froud, Abbie Everson, Cassie Craddock, Ciera Flatt, Gemma Moore, Nettie Stillinger & Hannah Waters (C).
  subs - Lauren Bullard, Broghan Scully & Jess Green.

  Denham United Ladies starting XI - Elizabeth Rose, Joanne Torr (C), Emma Spencer, Rachel Blackburn, Laura Holbrook, Chloe Jarman, Alissa Down, Aimee Durn, Natalie Murray, Elisha Allen & Annie Hewitt.
  subs - Ellen Wardlaw.

   Lowestoft get the match under way kicking off the 1st half wearing blue shirts, shorts and socks all with white trim. Nettie Stillinger starts on the left. Also making her 1st start for the club is Ciera Flatt in midfield. Denham lined up opposite wearing an all navy kit with a red and white band across the front of the shirts and red and white hooping on their socks. Are without a few 1st team regulars with just one substitute to call upon. Lowestoft look to get the ball out wide to Gemma Moore on the right from the start, Denham captain Joanne Torr winning the ball as she looks to knock it in behind her.

  The ball is sent long out to Elisha Allen in space on the right side for Denham making an attacking run to get into the Lowestoft area, can't get her cross in. Denham pressure the ball on halfway keeping Lowestoft penned inside their own half in the early minutes, the visitors winning a free kick in the middle play it early to Natalie Murray moving right getting in behind plays the diagonal ball into the box, Lowestoft goalkeeper, Eilish Brogan makes the call and claims on the bounce before Allen can get to the ball coming through the middle. 

  Another free-kick for Denham on half-way the ball played up high towards the top of the area, Allen left side gets her head on the ball knocking it down into the area goes after it, Charnelle Riggall, Lowestoft's left back goes with her prevents Allen getting the ball into a shooting position before winning the free-kick. A counter from Lowestoft the ball helped on by Abbie Everson on half-way for Ciera Flatt ahead of her, looks to slide the ball in behind the Denham back line for Stillinger cutting inside from the left, too straight the ball is gathered up by Denham goalkeeper, Elizabeth Rose. Up the other end Denham have another free-kick wide on the left inside the Lowestoft half, Alissa Down on the ball plays a pacey ball in towards goal, bouncing across the six yard box no one gets a touch, Brogan can see it run wide of her far post.

Lowestoft's Cassie Craddock feels the full force of Alissa Down's clearance
  Denham capitalise on a short goal kick winning the ball back 30 yards out, Aimee Durn getting involved in the thick of the action, having joined Denham from Watford Ladies Development U19s side. Durn central plays the short ball into Annie Hewitt ahead of her back to goal she lays it out to Allen breaking into the area from the left, gets a shot away as she is closed down shooting low near post, Brogan is down sharply making a good save.

  It's a big pitch plenty of width available and both sides want to exploit it at every opportunity attacking early ball are often sent long with runners willing to go after the ball. Laura Holbrook gets on the ball and plays it out to Durn on the left for Denham linking up with Hewitt the cross is sent on high towards the near post with Allen making the run, can't bring the ball down to get a shot away runs off her behind for the goal-kick. With Moore and Stillinger keeping the pitch wide Lowestoft captain, Hannah Waters attacking through the middle is released by Cassie Craddock 25 yards out drives for the Denham area looking to power her way into the box is closed down by 3 Denham players, Rachel Blackburn putting in the challenge to win the ball from her. 

Aimee Durn bringing the ball forwards for Denham United Ladies

  Emma Spencer having broken up a Lowestoft attack carries the ball out from the back on the right sends the pass long for Hewitt outside the box a clever turn as she brings the ball down plays it on for Murray moving into the area behind her, moving to the right looks to lift a cross to Allen far post, too close to Brogan the keeper is able to pluck it down out of the air. Murray is played in behind shortly afterwards by Holbrook on the right gets into the area into the six yard box tries to play the ball across goal again puts it to close to Brogan the Lowestoft keeper well placed to gather the ball. 

  Waters pressuring the ball high up the pitch on the left gets Lowestoft a throw the ball is played in field the cross fired along the top of the Denham area is collected by Moore in a central position, looks for an opening to shoot as she moves the ball to the right, Durn slides in to win the ball for the visitors doesn't go far picked up by Flatt 25 yards out takes on the shot good pace on the ball is straight at Rose the keeper holding onto the shot comfortably. 

Ciera Flatt on the ball in midfield for Lowestoft
  Brogan is called into action up the other end as Denham press bodies forwards Chloe Jarman playing the ball on for Down the ball is sent on for Murray on the right, driving forwards takes it all the way  to the byline beside the area before cutting the cross back along the ground towards the top of the area with Hewitt meeting it inside the D her shot running low towards the far corner, Brogan throws herself to her right getting her glove on the ball pushing it wide for the corner kick. Lowestoft are almost caught out from a short corner for Denham the ball played up to Down top of the area left side sends the ball curling in towards goal, flies over Brogan, is headed off the line by Stillinger. 

Lowestoft's Nettie Stillinger with Denham's Chloe Jarman
  Denham break from the back as they win the ball from a Lowestoft free-kick the ball is played long up to Hewitt who passes it out to Allen attacking on the right, Lyndsey Adams cuts out her cross the ball runs back to Allen wins a corner this time another short one on the right the ball rolled into Down, Adams intercepts her ball into the area clearing it for a throw. The free-kicks in the middle are adding up Denham having most opportunities to play the ball up into the Lowestoft area. Down is on the set-piece in the middle to the right sends a high ball into the area, Murray central leaps the highest but can't get anything on the ball. 

  Ellie Froud gets hold of the ball at the back for Lowestoft as Denham's Hewitt looks to slide Allen through into the box, bringing it out from the ball plays a good ball out to Moore on the right taking on her marker and getting in behind turns into the box cutting the ball back from the byline looking for Waters, Blackburn coming across to defend the near post slides in to clear the ball.

  GOAL! 10 minutes left to play in the 1st half and the stalemate is broken. Bodies up field from the previous attack Lowestoft put pressure Denham's midfield it's Moore who closes the ball down on the right to take it in past the visitors defence playing the ball early into the area looking to pick out Waters, Spencer goes with the attacker challenging as the ball arrives at her feet, Waters does well staying on her feet and connecting with the ball helps it on past the keeper into the bottom corner of the net to see Lowestoft lead 1-0.

Lowestoft captain, Hannah Waters opens the scoring
  The goal sees Lowestoft step up the tempo closing down the ball inside the Denham half, Craddock linking up with Adams on the left side gets the ball on for Stillinger to go on a run down the left, attempting to get around Spencer to get into the area brings the full-back down conceding the free-kick. End to end in the closing 5 minutes of the 1st half both sides look to get their attacking players on the ball. Brogan comfortably claiming a couple of Denham crosses. 

  Up the other end as the 1st half moves into injury time, Lowestoft work the ball through the middle releasing Waters for a run at the Denham goal, is shoulder to shoulder with Blackburn as the pair race for the box, in goal Rose makes the decision to come early closing down the angle is a couple of yards inside her area as Waters gets a shot away going to ground Rose makes a great save with her legs to prevent the ball getting past her. Denham counter attack, the ball out to Durn attacking on the left carries it into the area, Riggall on her shoulder pressuring delays the shot the angle against her Dunn's strike is held by Brogan at her near post. 

Half-time Lowestoft Town Ladies 1-0 Denham United Ladies

  Has been an open 1st half with both sides on the attack, Denham have created more opportunities up front, however they find themselves trailing 1-0 at the break with Waters giving Lowestoft the lead. Both goalkeepers having been called into action to make important saves. A narrow advantage all to play for 2nd half.

  Denham get the 2nd half underway, Holbrook with the early ball out to Allen on the right wing, the attacker is stopped in her tracks by the offside flag. Denham overload the right side of the pitch at the start of the 2nd half with Murray and Allen linking up playing a one two as they work the ball down the line, Allen's cross going behind. 

Hannah Waters looking to control the ball inside the Denham box

  A tussle in the middle of the park, Flatt wins the ball plays it into Craddock who sends it long up into the box for Waters, controlling the ball on her chest inside the box, closely marked by Blackburn looks to turn get a shot away, not before Spencer comes across from the left to get her foot on the ball clear it for a throw on the right.

Gemma Moore scores to make it
2-0 to Lowestoft.
 GOAL! The perfect start to the 2nd half for Lowestoft as they double their lead inside the 1st 5 minutes the ball from the thrown in level with the top of the box on the right is played into Moore who turns off her marker to take it inside head down drives into the D before hitting a powerful shot that swerves away from the diving Rose and into the back of the net beyond 2-0.

   Everson closes the ball down quickly inside the opposition half, driving forwards gets room for a shot 25 yards out hits the ball on the run plays the ball straight into Rose in a central position inside her six yard box gathers cleanly. Lowestoft are getting drawn over to the right side as Murray looks to take players on get in behind, that is leaving Durn with plenty of space to run into on the left. Caught offside in an earlier attack, holds her run this time getting the ball from a long diagonal pass, looks to take the ball inside get it onto her right foot for a shot, is closed down by the Lowestoft defence before she can release the ball. 

Denham's Aimee Durn with Lowestoft's Abbie Everson
  Allen with possession of the ball on the right side moves forwards cutting the ball inside for Hewitt outside the box, looks to turn and shoot her effort from 20 yards out deflecting up off Tiffany Forshaw as she throws herself off her feet to make the block the ball looping behind for the corner kick on the right. The inswinging ball coming on high is headed goalwards past Brogan as she attempts to come for the ball, heading goalwards the ball is headed off the line by Lowestoft again, Riggall with the vital touch this time. 

  GOAL! The ball is cleared out of the area as Lowestoft look to get everyone out of their box, they are hit with a sucker punch the ball is won back in the middle by Denham and sent back over the top, both Hewitt and Allen area central in front of the D, the offside flag doesn't go up as Hewitt picks up the ball and takes it into the box, picks her spot sending the ball low past Brogan into the bottom corner 2-1.

  Straight from the restart Lowestoft look to attack the ball is played over the top for Waters to chase through the middle, Rose is off her line and sliding in claims the ball inside her area before the striker can get there.

   GOAL! All action, no sooner have they pulled a goal back and stopped Lowestoft's attack from the restart Denham have the ball in the back of the net at the other end to level it up. Launching a counter attack the ball is fired up field into Murray running onto the ball right side takes on the early shot 25 yards out lobbing the ball up over Brogan and into the back of the next to equalise 2-2.

  Two quick fire goals from Denham to level the scores 10 minutes after going 2-0 down sees them energised, the opposite for Lowestoft who dealt a double blow conceding 2 goals within a couple of minutes of each other. Play is drawn over to the right side again as Murray gets the ball from Down, pushing forwards delivers an high ball into the box coming central is a vital header by Riggall to put the ball out of play for the corner kick with Allen free behind her. The corner kick goes long is picked up by Holbrook outside the box left of the D shoots a vicious strike that is blocked by Riggall.

  GOAL! A complete turn around for Denham as the visitors take the lead in the match a counter attack from a Lowestoft free-kick the ball on halfway played up towards the top of the area is headed clear and played on with Murray on the move down the right side, plenty of pace gets in behind and closing in on the box takes the shot early sending her low drive racing past the keeper into the back of the net 2-3.

2 goals by Denham United Ladies
Natalie Murray see the visitors go
level then take the lead.

  Lowestoft make a substitution, Flatt is replaced by Broghan Scully in the midfield. Forshaw plays the ball up field controlled by Waters 30 yards out back to goal off her chest with Moore coming inside to receive the ball releases Stillinger making a run on the left side running into the box gets a shot away the strike racing along the ground across the six yard box and wide at the far post. Denham make a change Allen the player coming off, Ellen Wardlaw coming on for her 1st team debut. 

  Wardlaw is very nearly put through on goal moments after coming on as Hewitt squeezes the ball in over the top of the Lowestoft defence looking to run onto the ball inside the D, defender Froud makes a last ditch tackle lunging for the ball taking it away from Wardlaw and back to her keeper gather.

  GOAL! Denham enjoying a dominant spell extend their lead, it's a goal out of nothing a moment of magic from Hewitt the ball fed into her feet 30 or so yards from goal isn't closed down quickly enough sets her sights and shoots the ball flying over the keeper and into the goal beyond 2-4.

Annie Hewitt celebrating with her teammates

  15 minutes of the 2nd half left, Lowestoft make their 2nd change bringing off Craddock in the middle and sending on Lauren Bullard. Denham have their tails up are seeing more of the ball and keeping possession inside their opponents half. Forshaw heads a Denham cross clear of the area the ball helped on through the middle finds Moore moving inside from the right looks to play the diagonal pass into the area with Waters making the run to get into the area, Blackburn goes with her sliding in to put the ball behind for a corner on the right. Blackburn then defends the Lowestoft corner heading behind for a 2nd corner kick, this one comes to Everson moving towards the ball helps it on into the six yard box, Denham winning the scramble for the ball launch it clear.

  GOAL! The game is stretched as the action moves into the last 10 minutes Denham bring the ball on the pass finding Murray on the move on the right play drawn across to that side of the pitch again, Murray crosses early her looping ball falling into the Lowestoft six yard box, Durn has made it all the way there, controls the bouncing ball well and manages to squeeze it past Brogan on top of her to score and see Denham lead 2-5. 

  Soon after scoring Dunn is denied another opportunity to score for Denham by Moore inside the Lowestoft box as she comes inside from the left Moore dives in a risky challenge but gets the ball putting it behind for the corner. The ball comes to Wardlaw 20 yards out from Holbrook takes on the shot the ball played straight into Brogan the keeper down low to make the save. Wardlaw wins Denham a corner kick on the right side the ball is lifted in centrally pops out of Brogan's gloves dropping down into the six yard box favourably for her defence to clear. Denham finish strongly Wardlaw seeing her shot from outside the box charged down by Froud as the final whistle blows and the visitors claim all 3 points with a 5-2 win.

Full time Lowestoft Town Ladies 2-5 Denham United Ladies

  An action filled game, both sides wanting to attack get the ball forwards use the big pitch. Going 2-0 up then conceding 2 quickfire goals 10 minutes later to level things up hit Lowestoft hard especially as they felt one was offside. Denham coming back well showing character after going 2-0 down to comeback and not only level but go on to win the game 5-2. The 2 sides meet in the reverse fixture next Sunday.

SWF Blog - Player of the Match

  A few contenders for the SWF Blog Player of the Match in the Denham side today but I've gone for Natalie Murray. Pace and power caused trouble out on the right all game scoring 2 goals and an assist for Dunn to score the 5th goal.

  My thanks to both clubs for their help today always appreciated.


Sunday, 15 January 2017

Match Report - Acle United Ladies v King's Lynn Town Ladies

  The action on the Supporting Women's Football Blog this Sunday comes from the quarter finals of the Norfolk Women's County Cup, with ERWFL Premier Division side, Acle United Ladies hosting King's Lynn Town Ladies from Norfolk Women's Division One.

  A wet Sunday right across the country saw a large number of fixtures called off, with their fixtures already piling up, Acle United Ladies took the decision early to switch the game to an all weather 3G pitch, at Flegg High School in Martham where the side trains during the week.

  Acle United Ladies play their football 2 leagues higher than their opponents today in the County Cup 1 of 3 sides in Norfolk who play their football outside the county leagues. Currently 7th in the ERWFL Premier Division table have games in hand on all the sides above them. Won the Norfolk Women's County Cup 2 seasons ago. Entered this years competition in the 2nd Round winning 4-3 away home against Norfolk Women's Division One side, North Walsham Angels Ladies. Acle announced the signing of California State University San Bernardino scholar Megan Todd earlier in the week after obtaining international clearance, makes her debut in the County Cup.

  A good test for King's Lynn Town Ladies today taking on a side 2 leagues higher, but come into the game on the back of a 7 match unbeaten run in the league which included 6 straight wins to see them up into 2nd place in the table. Also entered the competition in the 2nd Round, beating fellow Norfolk Women's Division One side, Fakenham Town Ladies 8-0 at The Walks

   A nice 3G facility at the Flegg High School, room for spectators to stand beside the pitch, hot and cold drinks available from vending machines. A narrow pitch. Like I said a wet day across the country the waterproofs were needed the umbrella up, making juggling a camera and notepad tricky, but at least keeping both dry.

 Acle United Ladies starting XI - Chloe Nixon, Anna Larkins, Luka Goodchild, Chloe Shields, Kate Pasque, Amber Rowland, Alice Ladbrooke, Bryony Knights, Megan Todd, Rebecca Burton (C) & Jody Wells.
 subs - Joanne Hooper, Jade Copeman & Sarah Howard.

 King's Lynn Town Ladies starting XI - Christina Vivas Artacho, Winnie Lee, Lisa Wilson, Albany Hodgson, Emma Woods, Bethan Jones, Taylor Sarchet, Jade Kelly, Becky Russell, Shelley Woods (C) & Oksana Imanalijeva.
 subs - Katie Garner, Emma Corbyn & Natalie Bunton

(roll on roll off substitutes)

  It's Acle to kick-off the 1st half, wearing red and white vertical striped shirts, white shorts and red and white hooped socks, with King's Lynn lined up opposite wearing yellow shirts, with blue shorts and socks. The home side push players forwards at the start Alice Ladbrooke playing the ball out to Megan Todd on the right wing, drives forwards with the ball flashes a cross into the area race wide behind the goal. 

  A lively start from both sides, Bethan Jones sliding in to win the ball in the middle plays it forwards early looking for Shelley Woods, the King's Lynn captain looking to make a run through the middle, her 1st touch a little heavy allows the Acle defence to get back on her regain possession and sending it long, King's Lynn goalkeeper, Christina Vivas Artacho is out of her area quickly to win the race for the ball. Starting and attack on the right full-back Winnie Lee brings the ball on playing it forwards for Becky Russell ahead of her sends the looping cross into the box, moving right side Oksana Imanalijeva brings the ball down well with her chest inside the area knocking to down right of goal shoots as she reaches the six yard box the ball is blocked at the near post as the Acle defence goes with her.

King's Lynn Town Ladies, Becky Russell

 Acle's front two link up captain, Rebecca Burton, only just returned to action after a two month injury layout pressures the King's Lynn defence, has Jody Wells in close support rolls the ball forwards for her outside the box, Wells back to goal holds the ball up before laying it back to Burton who goes for the 1st time strike sending her shot over the bar. Acle win a free-kick inside the King's Lynn half on the right, Anna Larkins over the ball sweeps it high in towards the far post area, Todd gets up highest, getting her head on the ball can't direct it on target.

Acle United Ladies, Anna Larkins

  King's Lynn get forwards on the right the cross in across the face of the area is intercepted by Chloe Shields rolled into the midfield for Amber Rowland to carry forwards, player break threads the ball into the path of Wells 30 yards out is closed down quickly by Jones still manages to get a shot away her effort flying over the crossbar. Chances for both sides early on King's Lynn getting joy out wide play the ball out to Russell high on the right wing, fires a ball in across to top of the area, good control from Shelley Woods inside the D to kill the ball and turning hits the shot in the half-volley, arrowing for the top corner, Acle goalkeeper, Chloe Nixon produces a fantastic save a full stretch tipping the ball over the bar for a corner kick.

  King's Lynn are encouraged by their bright start, pressing Acle on the ball is a competitive match, Russell with another surge up the right wing gets the corner taking it herself is an inswinging ball flies across the six yard box low no one can get a touch as it kisses the far post running wide for the goal-kick. Bryony Knights has possession of the ball on the left side for Acle, plays the ball inside for Wells she is closely marked by King's Lynn's Emma Woods, the ball is won by the defender played into Taylor Sarchet in the middle and on quickly for Shelley Woods in attack a good 30 yards from goal wastes no time in shooting the ball landing in the side netting.

Acle United Ladies, Jody Wells, battling for the ball with
King's Lynn Town Ladies, Emma Woods

  Shelley Woods reacts quickest to a poor kick out of the area from Nixon, dropping to the King's Lynn captain 25 yards out drives on towards the top of the area moving right of goal Kate Pasque gets back on her shoulder as Nixon comes to close the angle, Woods shoots, Nixon throwing herself to the right makes the save pushing the ball wide across her area conceding the corner. Acle launch a counter attack from the corner, a strong run on the ball from Luka Goodchild from left-back sends the ball on into the area near post, Wells can't quite reach it. Acle make a change, Joanne Hooper on in midfield replacing Rowland.

 Acle have another free-kick on the right inside the King's Lynn half the ball is played into the area, Todd the target again gets up for a free header, a tall player knocks the ball down into the ground inside the six yard box is straight at the goalkeeper, Vivas Artacho dropping to the floor and making the save. Both sides are pressing looking for the opening goal, Acle over load the right side win a throw taken quickly into Wells turns inside towards the box moving across the face of the area is fouled as she cuts the ball into the area for Burton, no advantage play is brought back for the free-kick 20 yards out right of goal, Wells to take it goes for goal sends the ball over the bar.

  Albany Hodgson does well at the back closing down Knights as she is playing in moving in field from the left getting into the area Hodgson slides in to take the ball away from her out for a corner kick, Played in from the right, Todd in a central position outside the six yard box is allowed another free header, drops the ball wide trying to direct it into the bottom corner. More attacking play from Acle down the left Ladbrooke sending Knights in down the left swings the ball in across the six yard box, Vivas Artacho gets down but spills the ball out into the middle of the box, Emma Woods gets their before the Acle attackers the ball is cleared long out to the left side, picked up by Imanalijeva the striker takes it up the wing has Jade Kelly on that side with her lose sight of both as the crowd get excited, a shot comes blazing in however from distance, Nixon throwing herself to her right can't get to it the ball past her cannons off the post and deflects behind for a goal-kick. 

  GOAL! 27 minutes into a busy 1st half Acle go straight up the other end from the goal kick and take the lead the ball is played quickly through the midfield and a perfectly weighted pass picks out Todd as she cuts inside from the right, takes the ball on into the area, right of goal sends her shot across Vivas Artacho and into the back of the net to score her on her debut 1-0.

A goal on debut for Acle United Ladies, Megan Todd

Kate Pasque makes it
2-0 for Acle
A blow for King's Lynn after matching Acle competitively for nearly half an hour find themselves 2-0 down just a minute after conceding, Acle get forwards down the right Larkins linking up Todd, a corner is won. The ball is fired in along the six yard box, comes straight at Pasque central, at head height a difficult ball to deal with, can't jump no time to stoop either makes good contact with her forehead turning the ball towards goal and into the back of the net 2-0.

  King's Lynn look for a response Sarchet getting the ball up to Shelley Woods moving out to the right turns towards the area holding it up before playing it back to Russell moving towards the right corner of the box, shoots her low drive held by Nixon at her near post. Acle attack down the right the ball played inside is helped on towards Burton who is fouled right on the edge of the area a shove in the back is OK after treatment, Larkins over the ball right of goal, Wells is free unmarked 20 yards out in a central position Larkins rolls the ball into her path fires the ball into the area too many bodies to squeeze through the shot is blocked. 

  Shelley Woods and Imanalijeva combine up front for King's Lynn the ball with Woods on the right turns inside reaching the area lays it across the face for Imanalijeva inside the D, digs the ball out from under her feet sending a rising shot goalwards, Nixon palms the ball down and gathers cleanly. Another chance for Imanalijeva moments later as Emma Woods breaks up an Acle attack gets the ball up field to Shelley Woods passes it out to Imanalijeva left side outside the area meets the ball 1st time slicing her shot away from goal. 

  A throw for King's Lynn on the left inside the Acle half Kelly into Imanalijeva heads the ball on towards the far post Shelley Woods coming onto it as it arrives in the six yard box fires the ball wide across the face of goal. Picking up the ball in half way Burton carries it forwards picking out Todd on the right, holding the ball up looks to spin in behind get into the area, Emma Woods goes with her gets a foot on the ball to push it on for Vivas Artacho to launch out of the area.

Into the last 5 minutes of the 2nd half, Burton with another run from half way has Larkins bursting forwards on the right getting ahead of her rolls the ball into her path taking in on down the wing squares a fierce cross in across the six yard box, Vivas Artacho throwing herself forwards can't quite reach it, nor can Hodgson tracking back, somehow Wells gets in between them and pushes the ball over the line to make it 3-0.

   GOAL! Acle continue to attack late on in the 1st half, are hit on the break as Lisa Wilson wins the ball back plays it infield the ball on through the middle finds the attackers Shelley Woods and Imanalijeva next to each other in a central position 25 yards from goal, it's Imanalijeva who spins inside with the ball, a surging run into the area reaching the top of the six yard box fires her shot past Nixon to pull a goal back for King's Lynn 3-1. 

King's Lynn Town Ladies, Oksana Imanalijeva

Half-time Acle United Ladies 3-1 Kings Lynn Town Ladies

  An action paced 1st half Acle United Ladies leading the quarter final 3-1 at the break as the rain starts to slow and eventually stop. A competitive battle King's Lynn encouraged by a positive start had chances to take the lead, Acle prepared to push bodies on at timely intervals getting into a quick-fire 2-0 lead, more chances followed, Acle going on to score a 3rd goal, that scoreline harsh on King's Lynn going into half-time they pulled a goal back before the whistle to keep the deficit down to 2 goals.

  It's King's Lynn to kick-off the 2nd half. A change for Acle at the break, Burton off, Hooper moving up front with Rowland back on in midfield. Sarchet closes the ball down quickly in midfield for King's Lynn played the ball backwards for Emma Woods who sends it long over the top with Shelley Woods breaking in behind the Acle defence, Nixon quick quickly off her line to come sliding in and smothers the ball on the edge of the area. Shields with a good tackle deals with a high ball put in from the right for Acle.

  An early switch 2nd half for King's Lynn with Kelly the player substituted, Natalie Bunton coming on, is involved in the action straight away as Sarchet bringing the ball on through the middle releases her on the right wing, takes on the early shot outside the area the strike off target. The 2nd half has started in a similar tempo to the 1st half, both sides looking to attack, Acle's Wells has the ball on the left 25 yards from the King's Lynn goal opens up her body as she shoots sending a curling ball wide of the far post. 

  A good turn in the ball by Shelley Woods as the ball is played into her 25 yards out back to goal, escaping her marker lays the ball forwards for Russell on the left, taking the ball to the by-line is tackled by Shields the throw leading to a corner kick, swung in from the left towards the top of the area, won by Ladbrooke the ball is cleared, King's Lynn regain possession come forwards the ball played into the box claimed by Nixon. Acle press players forwards, Larkins going past Todd as the ball is held up by Hooper outside the area rolls it towards the on coming full-back shots the ball flying straight into Vivas Artacho's gloves the keeper positioned in the centre of her goal. 

Taylor Sarchet wins the ball for King's Lynn Town Ladies
  Sarchet gets forwards for King's Lynn as Shelley Woods has the ball out on the right for plays it across the face of the area, meeting it Sarchet fires a shot in across the keeper, diving full stretch to her right, Nixon makes the save pushing the ball wide of her goal. Larkins nips in to win the ball on the right inside the King's Lynn half fires it into Wells holding position outside the area right of the D, Hodgson gets a toe on the ball to stop her turning in behind, Wells gets back on the ball pushed wide lifts a cross towards the far post Todd coming in puts her shot wide of goal.

  A 50/50 tackle in the centre of the park leaves Sarchet down on the floor clutching her ankle in alot of pain, play is stopped looks a nasty one, receives lengthy treatment on the pitch, cannot carry on with her ankle now heavily bandaged is helped of the pitch, Emma Corbyn joining the action.  

 GOAL! Play held up for 4-5 minutes it's Acle who take advantage going on the attack the ball played up to right Todd on for Larkins taking the ball into the corner sends the cross long across the six yard box, Wells is their the ball behind her, thinks about the overhead kick, however Knights is right behind her, meets the ball 1st time sending it under the diving goalkeeper 4-1 extending Acle's lead with around 25 minutes left to play.

  GOAL! As in the 1st half one goal is quickly followed by another however it isn't Acle who extend their lead further. The ball is with Shelley Woods receiving it from a throw on the right side is inside the area, right corner shoved over the referee pointing to the spot, it's Woods herself to take it Nixon guesses right dives to her right but the ball is placed perfectly by Woods into the bottom corner of the net 4-2.

Diving full stretch, Acle United Ladies goalkeeper, Chloe Nixon can't stop Shelley Woods penalty
 A rush of blood moments later from Nixon as the Acle keeper comes rushing out of her area as King's Lynn, Shelley Woods is played in behind, gets to the ball 1st taking it past the stranded keeper on towards the edge of the box, Larkins gets back just in tome to stop Woods taking an early shot into an empty net, by the time the striker manoeuvres herself into a position to shoot her strike is cut out by Pasque and the threat cleared. King's Lynn bring Kelly back on replacing Bunton.

  Nixon hasn't been put off coming out for the ball the save is needed as Shelley Woods sends Kelly through on the right, the keeper coming outside the box making it the ball before Kelly can push it past her. A change of formation for King's Lynn as they look to try and pull a goal back, Wilson off at right back, Bunton back on to join the attack as they go 3-4-3 as the game moves into the final 15 minutes. 

Acle United Ladies, Amber Rowland gets to the ball ahead of Becky Russell
  Rowland takes the ball forwards for Acle playing the pass out to Todd on the right, 30 yards from goal is given time and space to line up a shot, whips the ball in towards goal, isn't too far over the cross bar. Knights with a strong run on the left wing gets a corner for Acle the ball is playing into the middle, Pasque jumping highest heads the ball down into the ground right in front of Vivas Artacho the goalkeeper down quickly getting hold of the ball. A minute later up the other end Pasque head the ball clear of her area as Hodgson lifts in a free-kick from halfway. 

  Corbyn wins a 50/50 ball on the right plays it down the line for Bunton ahead of her travelling with the ball getting into the box on the right tries to cut the ball back into the six yard box from the by-line, Nixon has come the ball under her feet adjusted well to stab the ball away. Acle have a throw on the left, played in field into Rowland she attempts to lift the ball over the top for Todd breaking into the area, coming forwards Vivas Artacho get's her gloves around it 1st. Into the last 10 minutes and Acle are looking for a 5th goal. The ball is played into Wells 20 yards out, tries to turn, Emma Woods wins the tackle the the foul for King's Lynn.

 GOAL! No let up in the energy both sides keeping up a good tempo, Acle have possession with Rowland in the middle a good move sees her play the ball up to Wells outside the box on the right side this time, holding the ball up has support from Todd lays the ball back to her, Todd with a burst of pace drives into the box goes to shoot is brought down by Jones the penalty kick awarded. It's Todd herself to take it, hits the ball low and hard to the keepers right beyond Vivas Artacho's outstretched gloves into the bottom corner 5-2 with just a couple of minutes of normal time left on the clock.

King's Lynn Town Ladies captain Shelley Woods
 GOAL! Again King's Lynn respond with a goal, after a 20 strike from Imanalijeva is held by Nixon before King's Lynn win the ball from the kick out is played over the top Shelley Woods beating the offside trap and Nixon as the Acle goalkeeper comes out to close her down taking the ball to the left of goal, turns and lifts her shot over the defenders racing back to drop into the net beyond, 5-3.

  Into injury time Acle make a double switch, Jade Copeman and Sarah Howard on for Goodchild and Ladbrooke. A late chance for Acle who have the ball on the left getting a throw the ball is played into Knights fires a diagonal ball in across the face of the King's Lynn goal, throwing herself at it far post Howard can't get anything on the ball to deflect it goalwards. 

Full time Acle United Ladies 5-3 Kings Lynn Town Ladies

  A 5-3  win for Acle United sees them through to the semi-finals of the Norfolk Women's County Cup, a highly entertaining match plenty to cover, both sides playing their part in a competitive performance, both intent on attacking throughout the 90 minutes. King's Lynn can take alot away from the match a good test for their side that continues to improve. Acle with some good attacking play getting players forwards will fancy their chances in the semi-finals, where they will be joined by Wymondham Town Ladies who beat Stalham Town Ladies 7-1 and last seasons beaten finalists Aylsham FC Ladies who beat Briston Wanderers Ladies 3-2 away from home the winning goal coming in the last 30 seconds. Holders Thorpe United Ladies will be away to Bohemians Ladies next Sunday.

SWF Blog - Player of the Match

 A tough one this Sunday with so many players putting alot of effort into 2 good team performances, but with her 2 goals on debut I've chosen Megan Todd, her pace and power on the ball adding a new dimension to the Acle United Ladies side.

  A great cup tie, entertaining plenty of goals and the rain even stopped. My thanks to both sides for their help with the team and sending my best wishes to King's Lynn Town Ladies, Taylor Sarchet hope she isn't too badly injured and makes a speedy recovery.

Sunday, 8 January 2017

Match Report - Cambridge United WFC v Southampton Women FC

Wishing everyone a Happy New Year and hope 2017 will be a good one for you all. The Blog is back after a much needed break over the festive period. Rearing to go supporting women's football for another year, got my 100 matches in last year, not aiming for quite so many this time around, but I'll be getting about the country watching plenty of women's football at all levels of the game.

  Begin 2017 with a match from the FA Women's Cup 2nd Round Proper a possible tie with an FAWSL 2 side in the next round awaits. Today's tie features two sides in top form going into the New Year, with Cambridge United WFC leading FAWPL South East Division One hosting Southampton Women FC from the Southern Regional Premier Division at Mildenhall Town FC.

   Cambridge United WFC have enjoyed an extremely good 1st half of the season, bringing in several new players that have helped to propel the club to the top of FAWPL South East Division One. With a good platform to build on for a push for promotion the club has also enjoyed a run in the FA Women's Cup this their 4th successive tie at home in the competition. Entered in 3rd Round Qualifying beating ERWFL Division One side Wymondham Town Ladies 3-0. Another 3-0 victory at home in 4th Round Qualifying against fellow FAWPL South East Division One side, Stevenage Ladies followed to set up a home match in the 1st Round Proper of the FA Women's Cup against Queens Park Rangers Ladies 3-1 the winning margin to beat higher league opposition to reach the 2nd Round Proper.

 Southampton Women FC make the long journey up from the south coast travelling the day before one of just 2 regional league sides left in the FA Women's Cup this season (the other being Sheffield United LFC). The club has a rich history in the competition, formed in 1970, won FA Women's Cup 8 times between 1971 & 1982. The current side are in great form this season, 3rd in the Southern Regional Premier Division with a 100% winning record in the league, have games in hand on the leading pair. A lack of league matches due to cup success reaching both the quarter finals of the League Cup and Hampshire Women's County Cup aswell as an extended run in the FA Women'd Cup knocking out higher league opposition along the way.
  Southampton Women FC entered the FA Women's Cup in 2nd Round Qualifying starting with a big 12-0 away win against Bournemouth Sports LFC. A home tie against Southern Region First Division, Fleet Town Ladies followed in 3rd Round Qualifying a 5-1 win seeing them make the trip across The Solent to play Isle of Wight side Shanklin Ladies who compete in the FAWPL South West Division One. Southampton coming away with a 3-0 win to reach the 1st Round Proper where the club was drawn at home against FAWPL Southern Division side, Swindon Town Ladies. Beat the side playing 2 leagues above them 2-0 to advance to the 2nd Round Proper.

  Mildenhall Town FC the venue for today's FA Women's Cup tie. The sloping pitch fairing well over the festive period a good playing surface. A good sized crowd building for the game, Coton FC U12s Girls today's match mascots enjoying a mini-game on the pitch with some of the Cambridge players not involved in today's game. A dreary and overcast day, but at least it was dry and fairly mild. 

  Cambridge United WFC starting XI - Verity Crook, Emma Jenkins, Carrie Bennett, Mollie Kmita, Laura Bright (C), Laura Baker, Danielle Puddefoot, Laura Mills, Rosie Kmita, Becky Taylor & Nicole Perschky.
  subs - Dawn Mallett, Evie Gallop, Hollie Jardine, Ashleigh Deacon & Paige Logie.

  Southampton Women FC starting XI - Millie Peake, Kirsty Whitton, Laura Gilbank, Kelly Warren, Tash Angel (C), Gemma Simmonds, Abi Fletcher, Kate Wiseman, Cassie Thorpe, Jane Yeates & Sheree Bell-Jack.
  subs - Kirsty Bell, Philippa Holden & Sophie Solloway.

  Both sides getting a practice match in before this Sunday's cup tie to get so match sharpness into their legs after the break in action over Christmas. It's Cambridge attacking up the slope to kick-off the 1st half wearing amber shirts and socks with black shorts with Southampton lined up opposite wearing red shirts with white trim, black shorts and red socks.The ball is played into Becky Taylor early on for Cambridge hooks the ball on for Laura Mills to attack on the right side her cross headed back out for a throw by Southampton captain, Tash Angel.

Southampton Women FC's, Tash Angel
  Cambridge start brightly keep possession of the ball inside the Southampton half send it up high into the top of the box, both Nicole Perschky central then Rosie Kmita to the left get their heads to the ball neither able to turn it in towards goal before Kelly Warren wins it back for Southampton at the back the clearance doesn't go far the ball on the left played across field to Mills in space on the right wing drives down the touch line winning a corner of Laura Gilbank in the corner. Playing a high line Cambridge are defending on half-way both their full-backs Emma Jenkins on the right and Carrie Bennett on the left win their tackles again Southampton's Jane Yeates and Cassie Thorpe as they look to get in behind on the flanks.

  Danielle Puddefoot is fouled inside the Southampton half in a central position a chance for players to go forwards from the back with Laura Baker over the set-piece plays it up towards the top of the area with Cambridge captain, Laura Bright stood left of the D heads the ball on Taylor getting onto the end of the ball pulls the trigger Millie Peake in the Southampton goal down smartly to make the save, play however is halted by he linesman's raised flag, Taylor just offside.

   All Cambridge at the start of the game pressing all over the pitch giving Southampton no time on the ball, Perschky pressing a back pass to the keeper gets Cambridge a throw on the left the ball is put in field Taylor stretching for the ball pushes in on for Mills coming in from the right outside the box 20 yards shoots the ball held by Peake at her near post. After a frantic opening 10 minutes the game settles down a little, Cambridge keeping it tight at the back Abi Fletcher gets the ball up to Sheree Bell-Jack leading the line for Southampton closely marked by Bright isn't allowed to turn as she brings the ball down.

Abi Fletcher looking to bring the ball forwards
for Southampton Women FC

  Bennett comes on with the ball, Rosie Kmita ahead of her on the left gets down the line playing the ball into the box her low drive too close to Peake coming across to narrow the angle the goalkeeper claiming the ball. Taylor is seeing lot of the ball for Cambridge playing in the no 10 role very nearly threads the ball through to Rosie Kmita making a central run into the area, Warren going with her winning the ball just inside the box. 

   Mills wins the 1st corner of the game for Cambridge on the right, the ball played towards to top of ht box by Rosie Kmita, Puddefoot looking to get her head on the ball clatters into her twin sister Mollie leaving her floored as the ball bounces in the six yard box Peake pushing it wide and behind for a 2nd corner. This time Mollie Kmita is behind Puddefoot at the top of the top of the box gets something on the ball sending it goalwards Southampton head it clear pushed further out Baker coming to meet the ball on the half volley drives a shot in towards goal Peake diving to her right makes the save pushing the ball  away for a corner on the left, the ball is swung in near post Southampton win the ball the clearance goes straight to Rosie Kmita who sends a shot back in towards the near post from the left the ball easily held by Peake.

Danielle Puddefoot clattered into team mate Mollie Kmita as she wins the ball from the corner
  GOAL! 16 minutes in and it has all been Cambridge in attack, they get the goal for their positive start, Taylor the scorer, busy in the opening quarter hour of the match presses the ball high up the pitch winning it as Southampton look to get forwards in the middle drives towards the box getting past another challenge into the area left side of goal sends the ball up and over Peake into the back of the net beyond 1-0.

Becky Taylor opens the scoring for Cambridge United WFC
   Taylor is almost put through on goal minutes later as she looks to get onto the bed of a forward ball from Rosie Kmita bringing it on up the left, Warren with the tackle to prevent a shot for Southampton the ball out for a throw on the left. Southampton are awarded a free kick on the right inside the Cambridge half a chance for the away side to send players forwards, Warren to take it the ball cleared at the top of the area back to her drives down the line Bennett closing hr down conceding the throw leads to a corner kick that is claimed confidently by Cambridge goalkeeper, Verity Crook in the middle of her six yard box.

   Cambridge counter the ball up to Perschky through the middle Rosie Kmita charging forwards on the left has space to run into the pass finds her puts in an early cross, Angel racing back towards her goal slides in to win the ball. Yeates looks to knock the ball past Jenkins the Cambridge full-back stretching out a leg to win the ball wins it brings it on playing a great ball up the line for Mills to chase after getting to the ball whips a cross into the middle of the Southampton six yard box, picks out Perschky free her 1st touch taking the ball past Peake, looks to have scored the ball however comes back of the post and Southampton recover to clear the danger.

  GOAL! 33 minutes into the 1st half and Cambridge double their lead win a corner on the right, play paused as Southampton's Yeates receives treatment on the far side of the pitch. Mollie Kmita comes over to the dugouts to take on some water before running back into position inside the box for the set piece as twin sister Rosie plays the ball in towards the near post a glancing header from the leaping Taylor the ball helped onto the centre of the six yard box a Southampton defender pushes it out towards the far post Mollie Kmita unmarked sees the ball coming straight at her one thing on her mind hit it and hit it hard! Blasts the ball into the back of the net no stopping that shot 2-0.

Mollie Kmita busts the back of the net scoring
Cambridge United WFC's 2nd goal
Cambridge have dominated play 1st half and that continues as Jenkins gets possession of the ball on the right pushes on down the wing winning a corner kick, the ball sent up towards the top of the Southampton area, the ball headed clear is picked up by Puddefoot back to goal lays it back into Baker who shoots from 25 yards out her effort sailing over the crossbar. 

  Chances up front have been few and far between for Southampton 1st half yet to register a shot in the match get some joy down the left doubling up with Thorpe sending the cross from deep long looking to pick out Yeates coming in from the right side into the six yard box, can't bring the ball under control far post with Crook getting across to pressure the attacker.

  Peake is on had to gather the ball at her left post as Rosie Kmita sends a low drove from 20 yards in towards goal for Cambridge. Jenkins and Mills link up on the right side the ball cut inside plays the ball into the area Warren beating Perschky to the ball before Angel clears. into the closing minutes of the 1st half Baker is fouled by Southampton's Whitton as she looks to send Mills clear on the right. The free kick in a central position is dealt with by Gilbank in side the area. Thorpe attacking left side for Southampton cuts her cross along the face of the area, Mollie Kmita intercepting before, Bell-Jack and latch onto the ball. Rosie Kmita with a shot from 25 yards out on the left as she latches onto a loose pass is held by Peake getting across her goal.

Half-time Cambridge United WFC 2-0 Southampton Women FC

  A strong 1st half from Cambridge United WFC sees them take a 2-0 lead into the dressing room at half-time. Started well and continued the tempo through the half, pressing well as a team all over the pitch creating plenty of opportunities in the final 3rd. Southampton have struggled to match the tempo set by their opponents not afforded any time on the ball have been unable to get in behind and have yet to test Crook in goal. 2-0 however means they are far from out of the game if they cane regroup and come out better 2nd half, a cliche but the next goal is key as the two sides come out for the 2nd half.

  Southampton make a change at the start of the 2nd half with Kirsty Bell, now wearing th captains armband coming on for Fletcher as they kick-off the 2nd half attacking up the slope.

  GOAL! Southampton push players forwards from kick-off closing down the Cambridge back-line the ball is lost with Bennett on the left played long with Rosie Kmita on the move down the pitch the ball coming into her sends it on towards the Southampton area with Perschky timing her run to perfection inside the D the ball landing it her feet shoots sending the ball flying over Peake and into the back of the net to make it 3-0 to Cambridge.

Nicole Perschky extends Cambridge's lead early in the 2nd half

  Cambridge have a free-kick on the left inside the Southampton half the ball lifted up into the area is defended knocked on runs to Mills on the right goes for goal the ball racing wide across the goal. A strong start to the 2nd half from Cambridge particularly on the right, Mills sending in a cross towards the near post again too close to Peake the goalkeeper laying claim to the ball. Taylor picking up the ball from a deep position in the middle lifts it up towards the top of the box Perschky tries to help it on bringing it down on her chest, Angel marking prevents her getting in behind.

  Yeates is struggling for Southampton her legs cramping up in discomfort can't continue and the away side make their 2nd substitution with Philippa Holden coming on to join the attack. Thorpe on the ball in the centre for Southampton plays the pass into Gemma Simmonds holds the ball up allowing others to get forwards sends it out to Holden making a run on the right, has support from Kate Wiseman the ball rolled back to her she sends the cross into the middle of the Cambridge box the ball cleared by Baker is gathered by Gilbank who shoots from distance her shot held by Crook in the Cambridge goal.

Laura Baker getting hold of the ball for Cambridge
  Southampton are getting a little more time on the ball as Cambridge let their tempo drop, Simmonds in the centre of midfield is getting more time on the ball looks the send the ball into the area for Bell-Jack, Mollie Kmita sees the ball back to her keeper, Crook sends it clear, regained by Simmonds plays it forwards with Thorpe to her left 25 yards out shoots sending her strike up over the crossbar.

  Cambridge go forwards attacking down the left of the pitch the ball played in field is gathered by Taylor driving inside towards the area changes direction shooting with the outside of her boot top of the area, the ball dipping as it falls into the six yard box, Peake adjusts her feet to dive and push the ball away to her right, Rosie Kmita coming in from the left is stretching as she attempts to turn the ball back towards goal sends it high over the bar instead. Southampton make their final change bringing on Sophie Solloway for Angel at the back as they look to change formation to 3-4-3 pushing players on with 30 minutes left to try and find a goal to get themselves back into the tie.

  Pressing the ball on the right Mills gets possession driving forwards lifts the cross in early Taylor leaping on the penalty spot can't get a touch on the ball. Cambridge make their 1st change of the match bringing on Hollie Jardine for Bennett a straight swap at left-back. 

  GOAL! The home side extend their lead in the 65th minute, attacking down the left side into the Southampton half Rosie Kmita puts the ball inside, Taylor almost loses her footing going after the ball, does well playing the ball on ahead of her into the box for Puddefoot making a forwards run left side receiving the ball opens up her body and curls her shoot across the keeper into the far top corner of the net 4-0.

Cambridge United WFC's
Danielle Puddefoot
  Simmonds links up with Bell for Southampton in the middle pushing on into the Cambridge half, the latter attempting the through ball into the area with Holden making the run, Crook off her line quickly is able to gather 1st. Cambridge launch a rapid counter attack the ball up into Perschky looks to play Rosie Kmita on into the area, Wiseman tracking back with her manages to get across her run and play the ball back to her keeper. Game is stretched a little even with a 4 goal lad Cambridge aren't sitting back defending pressing the ball a couple of Southampton players struggling with cramp. 

  Mills taking the ball to the by-line right side cuts the ball in towards the near post, Warren intercepts playing it out for the corner. An inswinging ball from Rosie Kmita towards the near post Peake comes through the crowd to punch the ball away conceding a 2nd corner kick. Played deeper this time into Bright isn't allowed to turn as she brings the ball down Southampton look to get the ball clear, Baker closes down the ball has a shot from distance the ball held by Peake.

 A double switch for Cambridge with Rosie Kmita and Puddefoot leaving the pitch, Evie Gallop and Ashleigh Deacon the players coming on. Southampton attack on the left Gilbank into Simmonds, looks to pick out Bell-Jack with her cross, Crook getting in front of her gets her gloves firmly around the ball. Taylor winning the ball right side sends it on for Mills to attack down the wing, crosses the ball into the six yard box with Deacon arriving from the left unmarked meets the ball 1st time sending it over the crossbar.

Southampton Women FC's
Kelly Warren
  Gallop plays the ball long from inside her own half looking for Perschky who wins a throw on the left, receiving the ball from the throw-in drives in field, shoots from outside the box aiming near post the ball gathered by Peake who has the angle covered. Gallop has a shot for outside the box right of the D as Cambridge push n late into the game, her strike deflected wide for a corner kick.

  Space for Deacon to exploit on the left as the game moves into injury time takes it on before sending in a long ball towards the far post headed away by Solloway the ball drops to Mills outside the box 20 yards out drills the ball back in towards goal runs wide across the face of goal. Mollie Kmita has the energy for on last run from the back carrying the ball forwards left side for Cambridge tries to pick out Perschky waiting top of the area, Warren sliding it does enough to half the momentum of the ball, Perschky retrieves and plays the ball across the top of the box with Deacon cutting inside room for a shot slips as she pulls the trigger the ball running wide of the far post is touched by Peake as she dives across to try and stop it. The resulting corner is cleared as the referee brings the match to an end.
Full time Cambridge United WFC 4-0 Southampton Women FC

  Cambridge advance to the 3rd Round Proper of the FA Women's Cup with a strong performance to win the game 4-0. Pressed the ball well all over the pitch everyone on the pitch contributing excellent team work, dominated early on and maintained that level throughout the 90 minutes. Southampton's run in the FA Women's Cup comes to an end, a little surprised having heard so much about the team's performances prior to the match couldn't find any foot hold in the match today, plenty still to aim fr this season however with 2 cup quarter-finals still to come and a strong position in the league.

  Something new for 2017 to end the report have been thinking about adding this for a while the New Year seems a good time to begin with the introduction of the Supporting Women's Football Blog - Player of the Match.

SWF Blog - Player of the Match 

  Several contenders in the Cambridge United WFC side today, a fantastic team performance, the SWF Blog Player of the Match is Becky Taylor, scoring the opening goal, busy on and off the ball throughout the 90 minutes linking up the midfield and attack, creating chances for herself and her team mates.

  The draw for the 3rd Round Proper of the FA Women's Cup with be this Monday and a slightly earlier time of 10:45am, will update this post once Cambridge United WFC's opponents are known.

  My thanks to both sides for their help with the team details today.

*UPDATE* The draw for the 3rd Round Proper of the FA Women's Cup was made this morning and Cambridge United WFC will face FAWSL 2 opposition with a trip to Tamworth to play Aston Villa Ladies. To be played Sunday 5th February.