Sunday, 25 September 2016

Match Report - Briston Wanderers Ladies v Gorleston FC Ladies

Staying in Norfolk this Sunday to catch my 1st match of the season in the Norfolk Women & Girls Football League (NWGFL) taking in a game from Division Two and a look at two sides new to the league this season albeit for very different reasons with Briston Wanderers Ladies hosting Gorleston FC Ladies.

  22 sides competing in Norfolk this season spread across 3 divisions with 8 in the top tier, 7 sides in both Divisions 2 & 3. Same layout as last season except this time around the sides will be playing each other 3 times instead of twice.

  Briston Wanderers Ladies are a new name in the league, although regular readers of the blog may well recognise most of the names in the starting line-up as they were competing as Red Rose Ladies previously runners-up in the Norfolk Ladies Plate Final. A split with the club has seen the players move with manager Paul Tipper to Briston near Melton Constable to start a fresh work with a new club in Briston FC. As the side is essentially Red Rose Ladies 1st team they have been allowed to stay in Division 2. This is their 1st competitive game of the season having been awarded an away win on the opening weekend then as is the nature of a odd numbered league sitting out last Sunday. Will be amongst the sides looking to win promotion to Division 1 this season.

  Gorleston FC Ladies are pretty new to the Norfolk women's football leagues having been formed last season, just as the league added a 3rd division. Had a strong debut season winning all bar one of their games which they forfeited to go up as Champions scoring 85 goals in 14 matches Beth Turner top scorer with 20 goals. Have started this season well too with 2 wins out of 2 to sit joint top of the league with Sprowston Ladies identical records after 2 played 11 goals scored 1 conceded. Will fancy their chances of winning back to back promotions.

  A rare journey in Norfolk for today's match that doesn't entail the A47 or A11 for me heading up the A1065 to the A148 through Melton Constable onto Briston village the venue for today's game the Briston Recreation Ground. A large clubhouse overlooking the pitches, tennis courts and play areas either side. The main pitch used by the men's club that morning a little bobbly but no more than you'd expect for a recreation ground good covering of grass. Ending September the fine weather is hanging on several dark clouds around for a moment or two during the match it threatened to rain but then the sun came through and shone for the 2nd half.

 Briston Wanderers Ladies starting XI - Melissa Williamson, Tara Curtis, Sophie Tipper, Natasha Wilmott, Emily Hull (C), Emma Talmadge, Corrine Bishop, Vicki Lubbock, Ana Ohde, Sophie Lubbock & Megan Skinner.
 subs - Stacey High, Sarah Osswald & Neele Olken.

 Gorleston FC Ladies starting XI - Briarnie Anguish, Millie Brooks, Elisha Maher, Hayley Muir (C), Mary Croft, Kelly Allen, Jordan Bull, Hannah Croft, Jennifer Snell, Leanne Smith & Beth Turner.
 subs - Leanne Muffett, Molly Sims & Samantha Hunn.

(roll on roll off substitutes)

 It's Briston to get the match underway 1st half, wearing red shirts with black shorts and socks with Gorleston lined up opposite wearing an all green kit. The home side make progress down the left side of the pitch attacking in the early stages win a corner kick. Vicki Lubbock to play the ball in a good delivery into the six yard box the ball is headed on towards the far post, Briston's Emma Talmadge gets possession of the ball lays it back for Ana Ohde positioned inside the box towards the top right corner, hits the 1st time shot back in towards goal lifts the ball over the bar.

 GOAL! Gorleston hit Briston on the counter attack to take an early lead in the match the ball is played up to Hannah Croft on the right wing a strong run on the ball before squaring it inside into the path of Beth Turner who takes the ball on into the box before unleashing a shot a low drive that is past goalkeeper, Melissa Williams before she can get down and stop it at the near post 0-1.

  Briston play the ball into Sophie Lubbock peeling away to the right in space goes forwards before cutting inside goes to shoot outside the area, her effort is blocked spins in behind into the box, Megan Skinner ahead of Lubbock reaches it first blasts the ball goalwards from the angle, Gorleston goalkeeper, Briarnie Anguish saves quick reactions to block with her leg the ball rebounds back towards Ohde running into the box fires the ball back into the six yard, too many bodies to squeeze through the ball is blocked then cleared.

 GOAL! Briston keep the pressure up that end of the pitch win a corner kick on the right. Is a fantastic delivery into the box angled in towards the penalty spot Ohde times her run perfectly coming onto the ball near side to meet it with her head rifle the ball into the back of the net. A collectors item her 1st goal ever a very good headed goal 1-1.

   No sooner have they equalised at the start of the match, Briston almost take the lead attacking down the left the ball is played into the area by Vicki Lubbock, Anguish goes to kick the ball inside her six yard box miscues her kick slicing the ball to across to the right, Skinner reacts quickest latching onto it inside the six yard box lashes her shot against the post.
Vicki Lubbock brings the ball forwards for Briston Wanderers Ladies
 Jordan Bull plays the ball forwards releasing Turner on the right to run in behind the Briston defence takes the ball on up into the box hits the shot in towards the near post, Williamson across to cover the angle makes the save parrying the ball behind for a corner kick. The ball is lifted up into the air towards the near post Hannah Croft jumping can't get her head on the ball, drops to the deck behind her inside the six yard box players converge on it is stabbed goalwards, hasn't any pace, Williamson drops down to claim it. Early change for Briston, Ohde has picked up an injury, Stacey High comes on.

 Jennifer Snell loos to have gotten in behind the Briston defence on the left is stopped by an offside flag. Gets back to help defend soon after a Briston captain, Emily Hull plays a good ball out to Corrine Bishop moving away to the right, Snell getting back on her to make the tackle win the ball before she can play the cross up into the area. Her afternoon ends soon after as she and High tussle for the ball out wide on halfway, holding onto each others shirts, both snapping for the ball, Snell kicks out at High catching her high on the leg, a rush of blood to the head costs her is called over by the referee and shown a straight red card, Gorleston reduced to 10.

Briston Wanderers Ladies, Megan Skinner
  Vicky Lubbock sends the ball into Skinner breaking into space on the right passes inside to Sophie Lubbock winning a throw the ball put into her feet plays the cross into the area, Anguish spills the ball, is put behind for the corner. On the right goes long towards the far post area is knocked back in towards goal, cleared off the line, before rebound is sent over the bar. Gorleston are a little rattled at going down to 10 need to calm down, Briston try to press the advantage a good ball over the top by Bishop into the box sees Stacey Lubbock in behind, drags her shot wide across the face of goal. Gorleston make a change Molly Sims coming on into midfield as they take striker Leanne Smith off.

 GOAL! Briston are awarded a penalty the ball threaded through to Sophie Lubbock in the middle, looks to force her way into the box is brought down by Gorleston captain, Hayley Muir the referee pointing to the spot. Sophie Tipper to take it sends the ball low across Anguish into the bottom right corner to score 2-1.

Briston's Sophie Tipper sees her penalty nestle in the corer of the net to go 2-1 in front
  Gorleston make another change Leanne Muffett coming on for Kelly Allen in midfield. Bishop links up with Vicki Lubbock in the middle before taking the ball forwards looks to lift the ball in towards goal from 20 yards out, doesn't get enough loop on the shot drops safely into Anguish's gloves. The home side win a corner out of nothing on the left a vicious ball is swung in towards goal, comes at Anguish quickly does well to save punching the ball up into the air, then as it drops into the box a foul is spotted Gorleston have the free-kick. Vicki Lubbock picks the ball up 25 yards out takes on the shot from distance is straight at the keeper, Anguish lays claim to the ball.

  Skinner puts the ball into the box from the left on the half-volley, Sophie Lubbock inside the six yard box can't quite take it on the stride to deflect it past the keeper, Anguish gathers. Carrying the ball through the middle Vicki Lubbock pulls the ball across the face of the area left to right with Skinner coming inside to receive it tries to turn into the box, is charged down by Mary Croft the ball won.

Millie Brooks clearance for Gorleston sets up their equaliser
 GOAL! Gorleston equalise as Millie Brooks getting hold of the ball in front of her area moves to the left before putting her clearance into Turner on the wing just over halfway. A strong run on the ball holding off a challenge drives into the Briston area shoots with her left foot powering the ball in towards the near post sneaks in under the keeper to see the scores levelled 2-2.

  Briston get up the other end from the restart, Vicki Lubbock fouled inside the D gets the free-kick, takes it goes for goal, gets too much of her foot under the ball lifts the effort up over the crossbar. Attacking down the right late in the 1st half Skinner whips a cross into the box, Muir gets herself in front of Sophie Lubbock on the penalty spot to clear the ball away for the corner. 

Half-time Briston Wanderers Ladies 2-2 Gorleston FC Ladies

  Plenty of action 1st half Gorleston taking an early lead, Briston getting back on level terms straight away then seeing their opponents reduced to 10 pressed the advantage scoring from the penalty spot. Gorleston coming back into the game late in the half to equalise. No telling at all as to which way the 2nd half might go.

  Changes at the break for both sides a couple coming on late in the 1st half. Briston have signed a couple of German players, Sarah Osswald and Neele Olken here in for an English scholarship for a year. Osswald came on late 1st half for Skinner, Olken replacing Tara Curtis. Samantha Hunn on for Gorleston in place of Brooks along with Leanne Smith replacing Bull taking up a deeper role in midfield. Gorleston get the 2nd half underway.

  The visitors have a free-kick wide right just inside their own half, Mary Croft over the ball sends it long up towards the top of the area coming right, Muffett chests it down pushing it out onto the wing, going after it down the line fires in a cross, Smith inside the six yard box pulls her leg back to strike it goalwards, the ball cannons off the base of the post and behind for a goal kick. 
Gorleston captain, Hayley Muir keeps an eye on Sophie Lubbock as she looks to find room to shoot
  GOAL! Briston get themselves back into the lead early in the 2nd half, Talmadge plays the ball up the middle Sophie Lubbock goes after it, Muir tries to get back on her with Williamson starting to come towards the top of her area, closed down by Muir, Lubbock holding the ball up turns and rolls it across to High on the right, outside the box lobs the keeper sending the ball over her and into the back of the net 3-2. 

Stacey High puts Briston 3-2 in front

 Sophie Lubbock and High very nearly link up again to add another Briston goal, the ball fed into Lubbock moving right sends it on ahead for High racing into the box right side sends the shot in towards the near post Williamson gets down to stop the shot bounces back out to High who has continued her run comes at her quickly plants the ball into the side netting. 

  Hunn on the ball on the left for Gorleston takes on the Briston defence combining with Turner who has come across to that side of the area, Turner is quickly closed down crowded off the ball, run back into Hunn, sends the cross long bounces in the six yard box, Muffett free at the far post can't get to the ball. Mary Croft bringing the ball on into the Briston half lines up a shot from distance is intercepted and headed away by Wilmott at the back.

Striking the pose Mary Croft shoots for Gorleston FC Ladies

  A corner for Briston on the right after a strong run from High her cross cut out. The ball falls to Sophie Lubbock on the middle of the area, turns the ball in towards goal is cleared off the line, not clear a 2nd shot is deflected away for a 2nd corner kick. Gorleston break from the corner Muir clearing the ball up to halfway held up by Turner lays it on for Sims moving past her. Sims plays a great diagonal ball out to the advancing Hunn on the left wing, drives on with the ball cutting back inside to evade a challenge into the box shoots the ball striking the near post and spinning behind for a goal kick.

  Osswald has the ball wide left for Briston a good run, brings it inside before shooting from outside the box her effort blocked rebounds back to Talmadge who looks to lift it back into the area, Muir deals with it as Sophie Lubbock tries to get on it near post. Despite having a player less Gorleston are pushing players forwards trying to find a goal. Sims with a good pass forwards picks out Muffett on the right carries the ball on looking to get into the area, Hull does well timing her tackle inside the box and get it clear, it picked up by Gorleston the shot coming in from distance flies over the bar. Briston send Curtis back on to replace 
Leanne Muffett bringing the ball forwards for Gorleston FC Ladies

 GOAL! Gorleston find the equalising goal for the 2nd time in the match. It's a great individual goal from their captain as Muir brings the ball forwards from the back, no one moves to close her down picking up momentum hits the shot from outside the box getting plenty of pace behind it fires the ball in over the keeper to bury it into the back of the net 3-3.

  Hunn on the left runs with the ball reaching to top corner of the box pulls the trigger driving the shot in low towards the near post, Williamson saves pushing the ball out for a corner kick. The goal has lifted Gorleston they push on winning a corner on the left the delivery is swung in under the crossbar central, Williamson pushes the ball up onto the bar another corner conceded on the right this time.

 GOAL! Turner scores to complete her hat-trick and send Gorleston back into the lead. The delivery form the corner is a good one whipped in along the six yard box at head height, Turner is in the right place at the right time to put her head on the ball plant it into the roof of the net to make it 3-4. 

A hat-trick for Beth Turner for Gorleston FC Ladies
  Briston having gone from 3-2 up to 3-4 down in short order push up the pitch, Curtis playing the out to Sophie Lubbock on the left wing taking the ball on looks to square the cross into the six yard box, Mary Croft tracking back cuts the ball out. Croft then repeats Muir's run from the ball bringing the ball on reaches the top of the area, this time she is closed down before she can get a shot away, Wilmott winning the ball back. Skinner returns to the action for Briston with High coming off on the right. 

Sophie Lubbock on the ball for Briston Wanderers Ladies
  Gorleston are doing well with 10 on the field now, Briston starting to tire, Croft tackles Vicki Lubbock on the left as she looks to go beyond Curtis. Muffett plays the ball forwards into Turner looks to pull away to the right turn into the area, Hull goes with her preventing any shooting opportunity before getting the tackle in to win the ball back, deflected off Turner for the goal-kick.

 GOAL! An error at the back hands Gorleston a 5th goal, unfortunate from the goal-kick the ball does get any height goes straight to Turner inside the D between the centre back, is past them and into the area before either can react pulling right of goal sends her shot back across goal and into the back of the net 3-5. 

  Talmadge with the pass picks out Skinner on the right 30 yards out takes on the strike the ball on target is well held by Anguish between the posts. High back on the pitch for Olken receives from a throw on the left 20 yards out moves inside goes to strike it pulls the shot wide of the near post. 

  Gorleston push on late on themselves, Sims winning a 50/50 ball inside the Briston half shoots from 30 yards out the ball swinging away from goal wide. Hunn on the drive down the left side fires a shot in near post Williamson parries behind for a corner. Coming in under the bar again Williamson with a good punch turns it across the area out for a throw. Sims with another long range shot from 25 yards out scoops the ball up into the area bounces safely into the keeper gloves. The final whistle blows and Gorleston take the 3 points.

Full-time Briston Wanderers Ladies 3-5 Gorleston FC Ladies

  An entertaining contest played at a rapid pace, the outcome of the result not certain till the closing stages, Gorleston with 10 on the field for 3 quarters of the game, coming back from behind to win 5-3. Have 3 wins out of 3 at the start of the season an average of over 5 goals per game too. With Sprowston Ladies not in action this weekend go 3 points clear at the top, very early days in the season. Briston suffering defeat in their 1st competitive football of the season haven't had much pre-season action either tire towards the end. 

  As a neutral I don't mind seeing an 8 goal thriller. My thanks to both sides for their help with the team details this afternoon and best of luck for the rest of the season.

Match Report - Doncaster Rovers Belles v Reading FC Women

  A Saturday evening trip up the A1 to the Keepmoat Stadium to watch the FAWSL 1 game between bottom side Doncaster Rovers Belles & the side 6 points above them in the league Reading FC Women both still searching for that elusive 1st win of the season. 

 Has been a tough season for Doncaster Rovers Belles so far this season following promotion back to FAWSL 1 after a 2 season absence. Close season thing's were looking great too, investment in training facilities, full-time contracts for the players, new signings all hinted towards a season pushing up the table rather than battling relegation. That however is exactly where the club finds itself 10 league games played 0 points on the board 10 defeats in the league the last one coming 3 weeks ago a 4-1 loss at home to Sunderland. 

  Having had and then adding to a potent attack it boded well for goals being scored for Doncaster however injuries to Sue Smith who hasn't featured at all this season, along with top goalscorer last season Courtney Sweetman-Kirk and more recently Jess Sigsworth haven't helped, Natasha Dowie came and went too. A change of manager has done little to improve fortunes on the pitch and it has been very hard to build any momentum in the FAWSL with the stop start nature of the season. Doncaster have played just the 10 league game since the start of the season in March. Now they have 6 games in six weeks 2 of those matches against Reading a 6 point gap win tonight and not only will they pull them closer but Sunderland and Notts County on 9 points each could get dragged into the relegation fight.

  Promoted as FAWSL 2 Champions last season, Reading FC Women have yet to win a game in the top flight. Have got points on the board however drawing 6 of the 13 matches played so far, more so in the early part of the season haven't picked a point since the end of July. With 3 games left to play two of those against Doncaster home and away on the final day of the season know a win tonight could be huge in terms of ensuring they remain an FAWSL 1 club come the end of the season. That all important 1st win will be a huge relief and release for whoever can come out on top.

   A warm end to September a few dark clouds around the Keepmoat Stadium pitch looked in great condition a good surface to play on. The circus was in town next door but the two sets of fans some of the most vocal and loyal around had no time for clowning around both willing their team to that 1st win.  

Doncaster Rovers Belles starting XI - Nicola Hobbs, Mayumi Pacheco, Sophie Barker, Samantha Tierney, Leandra Little (C), Rhiannon Roberts, Kasia Lipka, Katrin Omarsdottir, Emily Simpkins, Marta Bakowska-Mathews & Christie Murray.
subs - Anna Moorhouse, Lauren Cresswell, Carla Humphrey, Rachel Newborough, Rebecca Raynor & Bethany O'Donnell.

Reading FC Women starting XI - Mary Earps, Rebecca Jane, Harriet Scott, Molly Bartrip, Kirsty McGee (C), Kayleigh Hines, Remi Allen, Emma Follis, Lauren Bruton, Nia Jones & Melissa Fletcher.
subs - Chloe Sansom, Rachel Rowe, Helen Ward, Jade Boho-Sayo & Amber Stobbs.

 It's Doncaster to kick off the 1st half wearing yellow shirts and socks with blue shorts. Reading lined up opposite wearing white and blue hooped shirts, blue shorts and blue and white hooped socks. Reading get a throw inside their own half as Doncaster look to play the ball long out to the left, attacking up the right moving the ball inside Rebecca Jane looks to go on the overlap past Melissa Fletcher get in behind the Doncaster defence, steps up well catching her offside as she receives the return ball. 

  A cagey opening couple of minutes to the game the ball going long Samantha Tierney tackles Reading's Remi Allen in the midfield as she brings down a long pass from Harriet Scoot at the back preventing her pushing it forwards for Nia Jones operating in the centre of the Reading attack tonight. Winning a throw out left inside the Doncaster half the ball is played into Lauren Bruton, turns in field driving into the box tries to knock it on past the defence lined up in front of her, the ball is intercepted and cleared. 

  Christie Murray is playing up top for Doncaster in attack the ball fired into her back to goal outside the box sees her touch and spin away to her right turn in behind head for the area beyond, Reading captain Kirsty McGee recovers smartly tackling to win the ball outside the box. Murray is again the target the ball played into her coming to the right side outside the area, turns with the ball into the area is closed down quickly the ball played out by Reading as the counter, Emma Follis carrying it on through the middle of the park sends it on out to Fletcher on the right charging into the box tries to take it around Mayumi Pacheco the defender slides in to play the ball behind for a corner kick.

  GOAL! Jane plays the corner ball long and high towards the far post, Doncaster captain, Leandra Little gets her head to the ball glancing it on out to the left, Reading go after it and regaining possession as Doncaster look to clear their box the ball is at Bruton's feet pushing inside towards the top of the area fires in a cross in across the six yard box with Follis in space adjusts her feet well to turn the ball in the air towards goal sending it under the diving, Nicola Hobbs and into the back of the net to give the visitors an 8th minute lead 0-1.

Emma Follis bringing the ball on for Reading the attack leading to the
corner and the opening goal

  Both Doncaster full backs, Pacheco on the left, Sophie Barker on the right are looking to get forwards join the attack. Barker up on the right plays the ball inside to Marta Bakowska-Mathews. Her ball finds Tierney inside the box right of goal, turns and hits the shot along the ground, Mary Earps all in pink gets herself to the ground quickly has the ball smothered as she makes the save.
Doncaster Rovers Belles
Mayumi Pacheco

  On the opposite wing the ball is played long from the centre out to Kasia Lipka moving into space that side for Doncaster, slips as she looks to bring the ball under control, manages to get it on down the line for Pacheco bombing past her on the overlap, the full back squares the ball into the box a couple of yards inside, Katrin Omarsdottir looks to spin and shoot as the ball comes to her, the strike is wide going behind at the near post.

  Fletcher wanting the ball played long to her out on the right, controls well knocking it in field before turning to head into the Doncaster area, Pacheco getting back at her concedes the corner kick on the right. The ball is played long again is half cleared runs out to Kayleigh Hines free waiting around the top of the box, looks to lift the ball back in over the top runs wide out of play for the goal kick. 

  A quick counter attack from Doncaster bringing the ball up the right side, Bakowska-Mathews feeding the ball into Murray outside the box from distance tries for goal looking to chip the keeper, Earps getting back on her line does well to tip the ball over the bar, everyone's expecting the corner, however to everyone's surprise a goal-kick is given. 

Christie Murray attacking for Doncaster Rovers Belles
  Earps with a confident claim inside her box as Doncaster centre back Rhiannon Roberts floats a free-kick in from half-way. Both sides trying to get the ball up to their attacking players with urgency the game is a little stretched. Roberts having gotten forwards with the ball lets fly from 40 yards out her effort on the Reading goal wide of the mark. Risky at the back for Reading a Earps receives a back pass into her box from the left, Omarsdottir rushing in to close her down the keeper doesn't mess around launches the ball up field. Reading are giving away a few free-kicks in the middle providing a chance for Doncaster to send players up float the ball into the box. The ball is cleared from the area rolling back out to Lipka outside the area hits it low and hard back into the crowded area, blocked the ball is cleared for a throw in right.
Doncaster Rovers Belles
Marta Bakowska-Mathews

 Earps is called into action to save inside her six yard box as Doncaster press the ball lift it up towards Bakowska-Mathews top of the area heads on for Murray left of goal peels away to her right back to goal falling as she goes to shot, Pacheco arrives to take the ball and blast it towards goal inside the six yard box, Earps making the save, doesn't matter however as on the far side the assistants flag is raised for offside.

  From a throw on the left Bakowska-Mathews helps the ball on into the middle for Emily Simpkins snap shot from outside the box the effort blocked, cries for handball but nothing given the rebound taking it into Lipka who shoots putting the strike over the crossbar as the game passes the half hour mark.  

  GOAL! A free-kick for Reading wide left midway inside the Doncaster half, a move that looks like it's been worked on in training the ball is rolled in towards the top of the area, Fletcher coming towards it, lifts it up over everyone at the far post two Reading players break forwards clear that side the closest sends the ball under the advancing Hobbs in towards goal, Little back on the line manages to keep it out but the ball isn't under control, Jones closing bundles the ball over the line to score 0-2.
Nia Jones scores Reading FC Women's 2nd goal
  Into the last 5 minutes of the 1st half a blow for Doncaster going 2-0 down. Push on the ball on the right lifted up towards the box the clearance back out falls to Barker who hits it back in on the volley from 25 yards out, Earps moving across her goal can see it bounce wide of the post. Hitting Doncaster on the counter attack Fletcher sends the ball long for Follis can't quite get it under control inside the box Little gets hold of the ball sends it clear.

Half-time Doncaster Rovers Belles 0-2 Reading FC Women

   Reading lead 2-0 at the Keepmoat Stadium with an early goal to settle any nerves another late in the half to have control have on the whole defended well prepared to drop deep giving Doncaster very little space to exploit in behind. A mountain to climb for Doncaster now, need the next goal if they wish to have any chance of getting something out of the match. It's Reading to kick-off the 2nd half, no changes at half-time. 

 GOAL! Exactly what Doncaster were looking for right from the start of the 2nd half as they pull a goal back. Play is over on the left inside the Reading half the pass inside picking out Simpkins in a central position 25 yards out plenty of power on the shot as she drills the ball in along the ground, Earps dive too late the ball racing past her into the bottom corner 1-2.

Emily Simpkins pulls  it back to
2-1 for Doncaster Rovers Belles
  Reading hit back straight away from the restart very nearly restoring their 2 goal lead, the ball is played on the diagonal out to Follis left she is stopped by Roberts inside the box, the defender looks to play the ball out from the back passing into midfield it is lost, Follis peeling away into space on the left turns back into the box receiving the ball squares it into the six yard box a couple of yards out Jones makes contact turns the ball goalwards comes back off the post, Hobbs throws herself on it before Jones and get a 2nd go.

  Lipka flicks the ball on up field to Murray who is shoved over as she tries to head the ball giving Doncaster a free-kick midway inside their opponents half, central Simpkins over the ball takes on the shot, a great effort arrowed in with plenty of pace, Earps is equal to it tipping the shot up over her crossbar. Corner on the right the ball is flung into the six yard box far post Earps comes through bodies to punch clear only succeeds in knocking it down to the floor, an over head kick the ball is swept up over the bar.

  Lipka works the ball well on the right getting in behind before lifting her cross long into the box, Bakowska-Mathews coming in goes across Omarsdottir as the Icelandic international gets her head on the ball glancing it wide of the Reading goal. Bruton picking up the ball some 40 yards out tries to lob the ball over Hobbs goes wide of her goal beyond. The action is end to end as Doncaster push on looking for an equalising goal, Reading trying to extend their advantage.

 GOAL! The next goal comes on the 60th minute and it's a blow to Doncaster, joy for Reading as they score to make it 1-3. The visitors hit back on the counter attack the play stretched across the pitch the ball is played long up to Follis on the left, clever foot work to beat Roberts challenge comes inside and shoots from outside the box whipping the ball in over Hobbs dips under the bar and into the back of the net. Slides along the grass in celebration before being buried under her teammates.

Reading FC Women's Remi Allen

  Reading continue to press forwards Allen has broke from midfield to get into the box the cross is swept in long from the right, Allen knocks it wide of Hobbs as she goes to turn and shoot left of goal, Roberts lunges in and wins the tackle to prevent the shot. Up the other end Doncaster's Lipka drives on with the ball carrying it into the area moving right of goal cuts the ball back in towards Murray waiting at the top of the six yard box, looks to hit the shot on the spin, is blocked a pointblank range. 

  Reading have a free-kick on the right players up from the back the ball is picked up by Hines peeling away at the far post, sees her shot blocked as she fires it into the six yard box looking to play it across goal. Doncaster make their 1st substitution Carla Humphrey comes on replace Tierney. 

  20 minutes left on the clock, Doncaster have to press on looking for goals risk leaving space at the back. Allen on the ball 30 yards out lifts it up into the box with Jones making a move through the middle into the area, does well to chest the ball down as she turns, is just too close to Hobbs the keeper gathering before she can knock it either side of her. Follis is down off the ball on the far side play is stopped. Can't continue carried off the pitch Reading ready Rachel Rowe to come on join the attack. Not long after Reading make another change Bartrip coming off with Helen Ward coming on. 

Reading captain, Kirsty McGee clears the ball from defence.

  Throw on the right for Doncaster the ball played into Humphrey she pushes on with the ball Reading sit off her as they drop back into their area, Humphrey can't find a way through the ball won back and sent forwards as the visitors counter. Doncaster make another chance Rebecca Rayner coming on to replace Murray in attack. 

  Ward gets in behind on the left as she steals in on Roberts to win the ball takes it on into the area looks to open up her body play the shot across goal drags her effort wide across the face of goal. Reading look in good shape going into the last 10 minutes can be patient at the back. 3rd change for the visitors Amber Stobbs coming on for Jones.

 GOAL! Reading get the ball up the other end of the pitch quickly as they break up a Doncaster attack, the ball played up towards the area from the right, Rowe making the run to get into the area is 1st to the ball takes on the early shot sending a low shot under the diving Hobbs into the bottom corner before running away in celebration 1-4.

  5 minutes left Doncaster bring off Omarsdottir send on Bethany O'Donnell. The robust tackles Doncaster have a free-kick inside their own half the ball flighted up to O'Donnell holds the ball up well before passing it to Pacheco squares the ball into the box from the left Reading clear, is won back and a strike comes in from distance the low drive running wide of goal. 

  Into added time Ward tricks her way into the box left side shots aiming near post, Hobbs across to cover the angle holds onto the ball. Doncaster keep pushing on win a free-kick wide on the right, Barker to play the ball into the box, McGee head it clear runs outside the box to O'Donnell pulls the trigger fires her shot over the crossbar. Reading break late on Rowe clear on the right side whips the cross in over everyone in the six yard box falls to Ward totally unmarked at the far post drops to her knees to head the ball puts it wide across an empty net. The final whistle blows and it's joy for Reading celebrating their 1st ever FAWSL 1 league victory, heartbreak for Doncaster as they slip even further into trouble with the games running out.
Full-time Doncaster Rovers Belles 1-4 Reading FC Women

   Reading win 4-1 to move onto 9 points and move above Sunderland and Notts County into 6th place in the table 2 games left to play. Played well, defending deep keeping a good shape scoring early in the game to put their opponents on the back foot. Must feel confident of staying up now. Another hammer blow for Doncaster still without a win 2-0 down at half-time had hope pulling a goal back early 2nd half but for the 2nd game in a row succumb to a 4-1 still have 5 games left a huge October coming up 15 points still to play for the gap 9 points they have to keep fighting.

Sunday, 18 September 2016

Match Report - Newmarket Town Ladies v Wymondham Town Ladies

 The Women's FA Cup 2nd Round Qualifying action continues on the Supporting Women's Football Blog this weekend with a trip down the A11 to the Ridgeons Stadium to watch Newmarket Town Ladies v Wymondham Town Ladies.

  Is a match up between two ambitious women's football clubs looking to grow and progress up the football pyramid, both with large playing squads starting up reserve sides this season.

  This is Newmarket Town Ladies 1st competitive match at their new home the Ridgeons Stadium on Cricket Field Road in Newmarket, home of the men's side and a stark contrast to the Dullingham Polo Fields where they played previously. The ground has undergone alot of development since the last time I was there, have in place a state of the art cork based 3G pitch. 

  Newmarket Town ladies compete in the Cambridgeshire Women's Premiership and are looking to push on up the table this season, with their League Cup winning U18s side stepping up to the senior squad this season, plus a few new signings the 1st team is complemented by a new reserve side competing in the Championship South. Started the league season last weekend, Nadine Basson scoring the goal in a 1-0 win away to Netherton United Ladies. A good test for a young squad today playing higher league opposition. 

  Wymondham Town Ladies had a great run in the Women's FA Cup last season winning through to 4th Round Qualifying beating FAWPL Division One side Cambridge United WFC along the way. Eventually losing to another FAWPL Division One side, Bedford Ladies. Followed their FA Cup adventure on the Blog last season. Wymondham Town Ladies went on to win the Norfolk Women's Division One title and as Champions of Norfolk have been promoted to the new look ERWFL Division One where they have started well laying 2nd in the table after 4 games played going into the weekend. A league above Newmarket, Wymondham have nearly a month more competitive football under their belts.

  May have been a little premature calling summer over last evening in the cold and drizzle at Bishops Stortford for today was a lovely warm sunny afternoon. Boasting a new state of the art 3G pitch the rest of the ground is coming along nicely to, room for spectators around the whole pitch, has a good sized seated stand beside the clubhouse, with a bar and hot refreshments available. 

The new cork based state of the art 3G pitch at the Ridgeons Stadium

  Newmarket Town Ladies starting XI - Eloise Hope, Yasmin Woodfield, Olivia Orme, Beth Woodfield (C), Kristin Hummel, Abbi Griffin, Jess Linger, Antonia Smith, Joeli Kirby, Abbie Marshall & Nadine Basson.
  subs - Sian Tatum, Molly Agnew, Natalia Evangelou, Dominika Szary & Jodie Woodfield.

  Wymondham Town Ladies starting XI - Ashleigh O'Callaghan, Kelly Ayers, Leah Newcombe, Bethany Fretwell, Brooke Cheal-Ferris, Rachel Cossey (C), Amber Cantwell, Kayleigh Holloway, Gemma Sanders, Alice Collins & Laura Wiseman.
  subs - Summer Moore, Hannah Johnson, Lily Ray & Ella Swift.

  It's Newmarket to get this 2nd Round Qualifying tie underway wearing yellow shirts with blue shoulders and trim, blue shorts with yellow trim and yellow socks with blue and white hoops. Wymondham lined up opposite wearing red shirts, black shorts and red and black hooped socks. The visitors win possession of the ball early played into Kayleigh Holloway down the left wing crosses the ball in curling it towards the near post with Laura Wiseman making the run to get on the end of it gets a touch but not enough to take it past Newmarket goalkeeper, Eloise Hope who claims well covering the angle.

Kristen Hummel tackles, Gemma Sanders for the ball

  On the right inside the Newmarket half Gemma Sanders closes Joeli Kirby down to win the ball and run in behind shooting from 20 yards out sends the ball wide of goal. Newmarket make progress up the right Wymondham's Brooke Cheal-Ferris closing Antonia Smith down to give the opposition a throw in the ball is played into Olivia Orme who holds the ball up outside the area before laying back into the path of Kristen Hummel central running onto the ball shoots, blasted into the area is blocked by Kelly Ayers for Wymondham.

 Sanders coming forwards again down the wing is tripped a free kick on the right inside the Newmarket half players go forwards as Amber Cantwell stands over the ball, plays it long towards the far post, looks like it might evade everyone then Bethany Fretwell gets a stooping head on the ball, at Hope quickly a yard away does well to get a glove on the ball push it around the post to concede the corner kick. 

  GOAL! The corner delivery from Holloway on the left isn't dealt with, dropping into the centre of the six yard box lands at Sanders feet, fall backwards she stabs the ball in over the line, scrambling to her feet to run away in celebration 0-1 an early lead for the visitors 7 minutes played.

Gemma Sanders pictured scores the opening goal for Wymondham Town Ladies

  Newmarket carry the ball into the Wymondham half, Kirby left in field to Abbi Griffin sends it out right to Smith the crossfield pass up to Nadine Basson in attack doesn't get a good connection with the ball as she shoots from the top of the area, the ball runs harmlessly through to Wymondham goalkeeper Ashleigh O'Callaghan. 

  Wiseman gets hold of the ball inside the Newmarket half dribbles it on looking wriggle her way through the Newmarket defence, the tackle comes in the ball out for a throw left, played into the advancing Cheal-Ferris she whips an early ball into the box, Newmarket captain, Beth Woodfield kicks it clear out of the area is picked up by Cantwell 25 yards out takes on the shot the ball flying straight into Hope the goalkeeper gloves the ball safely to the floor. Wiseman moves to the right supporting Sanders in attack the pair working the ball on Sanders receiving it from Wiseman cuts the ball back along the top of the Newmarket box Alice Collins shoots as the ball arrives at her feet inside the D drives the ball wide.

Laura Wiseman makes it 0-2 to
Wymondham Town Ladies
  GOAL! Wymondham are causing Newmarket all sorts of problems early on moving the ball well the home side struggling to get any meaningful possession inside their opponents half, the ball is won back by Cantwell ion halfway is a quality pass over the top for Wiseman to chase down, winning the race against the Newmarket defence inside the area to hit a left foot strike across the six yard box and into the bottom corner of the net 0-2. The lead doubled inside the opening 15 minutes.

  Moments later Cantwell comes on with the ball again not closed down pulls the trigger in a central position 20 yards out, Hope makes the save punching the ball over her crossbar. From the resulting corner on the left, Fretwell gets her head on the ball inside the six yard box from Holloway's delivery pushes the ball wide of the far post. Wymondham keep coming on with the ball Newmarket pushed deep in their own half can't mount a counter attack.

 GOAL! The clock passes the 20 minute mark and the visitors extend their lead winning a corner on the right, Cheal-Ferris to take the initial ball is dealt with well by Beth Woodfield headed out of the box the ball is retrieved by Fretwell played back out to Cheal-Ferris as players try to get out of the area the ball is lifted in towards the far post, might be dropping in as Hope tries to get across to deal, Sanders rushing in nods the ball over the line to make sure, doesn't get up quite so quickly to celebrate this time as she got as much of the post as she did the ball 0-3. 

  Cantwell brings the ball on over halfway tries to thread the pass through for Wiseman in the middle again, Hummel makes a vital interception at the back to win the ball for Newmarket outside her area. Hope produces another fantastic save to deny Cheal-Ferris as the defender bringing the ball on shoots from the left angling the ball in near post heading for the top corner Hope tips it over her crossbar. More good defending from Newmarket, Orme this time up against Sanders as the ball is sent into the area from Holloway on the left gets in front of Sanders to shield the ball and clear, possession regained by Wymondham's captain Rachel Cossey she shoots from distance but straight down Hope's throat.

Wymondham captain Rachel Cossey wins the battle for the header with Newmarket's, Abbie Marshall

  A rare attack 1st half for Newmarket, Griffin plays the ball up to Basson central holding off her marker releases Smith in the wing attempts the through ball into the box with Abbie Marshall making to run, Ayers inside the box gets there 1st for Wymondham to clear. Ayers forwards to take a throw on the right puts the ball into Wiseman moving to the byline, turning hooks the ball high into the air, a dangerous bounce at the far post Collins ready to turn it in, Hummel gets her boot under it 1st to launch away from danger.

Newmarket Town Ladies, Antonia Smith
  Wymondham having time at the back on the ball work it forwards well players moving into space to receive, Ayers plays the pass inside to Cossey sends the ball on for Wiseman on the shoulder of the Newmarket defence a race for the ball into the area again this time the left foot strike is screwed wide across the face of goal. Wymondham attack down the left side the ball is lifted high in towards the top of the box inside the D, Sanders tries to get to the dropping ball under challenge makes contact more of a deflection than a shot nevertheless the ball loops back up towards goal, Hope on her goal line keeps her eye on it, drops onto the top of the crossbar bounces twice before rolling back onto the roof of the net.

  The ball is won back by Wymondham in midfield played up into the box with Wiseman on the move left, wants the ball to drop over her shoulder then strike it, Hope comes to close the attacker down, does enough to put Wiseman of as she scoops the ball up over the goal beyond. From a corner kick played in by Cheal-Ferris on the right, Fretwell with another stooping header gets under the ball pushes it up over the bar inside the six yard box. Sanders catches Hope accidentally late in the 1st half inside the box as she tries to get in around Woodfield shielding the ball, Hope calls comes sliding in just as Sanders throws a leg around the defender catches the goalkeeper on the ground right of goal, a painful collision but the Newmarket goalkeeper is okay.
Half-time Newmarket Town Ladies 0-3 Wymondham Town Ladies

 A dominant 1st half display from Wymondham sees them in control of the tie leading 3-0 keeping better possession of the ball and using the width well, have Newmarket penned back in their own half with Basson isolated on halfway unable to get involved in the game at all to influence things up top. A lot to do at half-time if they are to find any response in the 2nd half.

  A double switch for Newmarket at the start of the 2nd half the wide players Kirby and Smith off with Molly Agnew and Natalia Evangelou coming on. Positional changes too, Evangelou going to right back see's Yasmin Woodfield move inside to centre back, Hummel into midfield with Griffin wide right, Agnew wide left. Evangelou is called into action straight away as Wymondham kick off the 2nd half play the ball to Holloway on the left wing driving forwards, the substitute tackling to put the ball out for a throw in. 

Newmarket Town Ladies, Abbi Griffin
  Straight away Agnew makes an impact on the left for Newmarket driving down the wing cutting inside to evade a tackle curls a cross into the box along the six yard line no one there to turn it goalwards. Wymondham press up the left Cantwell out to Holloway up the wing cuts the ball back to Collins at the top if the area the ball is deflected through to the far post area, Sanders chasing in sees the ball saved by Hope at close range.

 GOAL! 3 minutes into the 2nd half and Newmarket pull a goal back. Jess Linger gets the ball into Hummel takes on the shot 25 yards out puts it straight into O'Callaghan's gloves the keeper kicks the ball out of her area up field, Hummel's wins the challenge for the ball, sends a great ball through the middle for Basson where she's most effective in the opponents box, the defence turned Basson gets to the ball 1st sliding onto it to propel it on past the diving keeper into the back of the net 1-3.

  Sanders running up the right wing with the ball sends the cross along the top of the area looking for Holloway coming inside from the left, Hope coming out to intercept the ball takes it away from the winger, the ball races in quickly to Wiseman inside the D can't get it under her control before both Woodfield's close her down.

  GOAL! Newmarket's joy at pulling a goal back at the start of the 2nd half lasts barely 5 minutes as Wymondham open it back up to 3 goals. Holloway is on the ball allowed to travel along way with it turns inside before firing in a shot from outside the area the ball sailing through the air across the goal to nestle over the line off the far side netting 1-4.

Wymondham Town Ladies, Kayleigh Holloway
  GOAL! 3 minutes later Wymondham go further ahead, are awarded a free-kick on the right halfway inside the Newmarket half. Cantwell on the ball plays a great delivery up towards the near post, Fretwell has had a few chances to bag a goal, gets one to her name as she connects with the ball sliding it under Hope as she dives in vain to stop it crossing the line. 1-5.

Bethany Fretwell with the goal to make it 5 for Wymondham Town Ladies
 Two changes for Wymondham both on the right side bringing of both Ayers and Sanders, Lily Ray and Ella Swift. Wiseman strong as she receives the ball inside the D spins away to her left before reversing the shot across the face of goal just wide at the far post. Ray moving with the ball up the right sends a shot flashing over the bar from the angle. 

 Up the other end Newmarket are pushing on more, Agnew left and Griffin right running at the Wymondham defence with Hummel up the pitch to, passes the ball into the right channel, Basson gets after the ball tries to take it on around Fretwell  the centre back gets back well to time her tackle and regain possession. Wymondham make their 3rd change Cantwell comes off, with Summer Moore coming on into the centre of midfield. 

Newmarket Town Ladies, Abbie Marshall
  Agnew ball at her feet drives forwards an inside run from the left fires the ball into Marshall inside the D, Newcombe squeezes the ball taking it away from the attacker, Basson to the left latches onto the loose ball outside the area her 1st time strike swerves away from the goal wide. Hummel plays the ball long into the box for Basson to give chase, pressures the defence enough to win Newmarket their 1st corner of the game. Swung into the six yard box from the right the ball drops into the six yard box, Hummel lunging for it doesn't make any meaningful contact Wymondham see it cleared up field. Newmarket bring on Sian Tatum for Hummel with around 15 minutes left to play.

  Basson has picked up a knock from the corner is struggling a bit as the ball is won back by her defence played long up to her, 20 yards out Newcombe comes in to close her down, manages to get the ball in towards goal lacks any pace O'Callaghan scoops it up into her gloves. Marshall makes a good run with the ball in the middle for Newmarket has Tatum moving into the box to her right tries to play her in Fretwell closes her down puts the ball out for a throw on the right. 

Nadine Basson with Wymondham's Ella Swift
 GOAL! Into the last 10 minutes of the tie, Newmarket with the throw on the right push players on is played up to Tatum top corner of the area not a clean take but helps the ball on towards the top of the area inside the D, Marshall latches onto the ball shoots the ball blocked from 2 yards comes straight back to her takes it on into the area turns to her right Tatum is there instead she back heel the ball straight into Basson behind needing no invitation Basson shoots sends the ball into the bottom corner past the diving O'Callaghan 2-5.

 GOAL! No sooner were Newmarket celebrating a well worked goal then they are hit on the counter attack up the other end Wymondham from the restart getting the ball up field is fired in from the wing taking a deflection runs on to Collins outside the area opens up her body and turns the ball in towards goal into the top corner 2-6.

  Into the last 5 minutes both sides a still looking for a goal, Wiseman still has the legs to carry the ball up the right wing before unleashing a shot sending the ball behind for a goal kick near post. Cossey and Moore in the middle combine to win the ball back a spot of head tennis before pushing it on for Wiseman central, strength on the ball to push her way through the middle before shooting sending the ball over the bar. 

 GOAL! The 90 minutes are virtually up the game stretched late on Newmarket having lost possession in their opponents half, Holloway plays the pass up to Wiseman takes the ball down into the box left of goal pulls the trigger sending the shot across the six yard box and in to make it 2-7.

   One last attack for Newmarket in injury time, Griffin with the energy to bring the ball on down the right wing  swings the ball into the area with Tatum inside running near post, Newcombe gets across her path and brings the ball out of the area. The final whistle blows and Wymondham advance to the next round of the Women's FA Cup.

Full-time Newmarket Town Ladies 2-7 Wymondham Town Ladies

 A strong performance from the visitors played well dominating possession early and having the lead to show for it. Newmarket rallied early 2nd half the changes having an impact, took their 2 goals well. Just didn't keep it at 3-1 long enough in the 2nd half Wymondham hammering home their advantage with 2 more quick goals. Scoring 7 goals have a feeling not too many will want to be drawn against them in the next round. 

  Good to see both sides in action, thanks to both clubs for their help today, had great entertainment in my 1st 2 Women's FA Cup games this season looking forwards to the next round. The draw if it follows form should be on Monday.

*Updated* The draw for 3rd Round Qualifying has been made and it will be a repeat of last seasons tie with Wymondham Town Ladies, travelling to play Cambridge United WFC this time around, both sides have strengthened since that game. The tie is scheduled to be played Sunday 9th October.