Sunday 10 January 2016

Match Report - Bury Town Ladies v Ipswich Wanderers Ladies

  The football action on the Supporting Women's Football Blog this Sunday comes from Suffolk, a match in the Eastern Region Women's Football League, Division One East - Bury Town Ladies v Ipswich Wanderers Ladies.

  The 2015/16 season saw a change in the make up of the ERWFL Division One leagues below the Premier Division, previously a North and South Division One, this season the split is East and West with 7 sides contesting each league. Division One East is made up of teams from Suffolk and Essex. Writtle Ladies are the runaway leaders of the league the newly promoted Essex Women's Premier Division champions are unbeaten with a 100% win record that stretches way back before 2015. 

  Going into today's league match Bury Town Ladies lay in 4th place in the table with 11 points from 7 games played to date with 3 wins, 2 draws and 2 defeats. Have a few new faces in their squad this season, Laura Brame and Jennifer Gray joining the team along with striker Nadine Basson who has been out of the game long term  recovering from a serious knee injury, returned to the pitch in late November, made a scoring return too coming off the bench has scored in all 3 of the matches Bury Town Ladies have played since.

 This is the 1st time I have seen Ipswich Wanderers Ladies in action. Are a place and 3 points above Bury Town Ladies in 3rd spot, have played 3 games more with a record of 4 wins, 2 draws and 4 losses from 10 played are ahead of everyone else in the league in terms of games played, won their home match against Bury Town Ladies 3-2 back in November.

  A different venue for today's match with this Sunday, seeing another raft of postponements across the region due to waterlogged pitches Bury Town Ladies were switched from their usual home venue Ram Meadow, the match today taking place at Oakes Road, an open space recreation area on the outskirts of Bury St Edmunds. The football pitch looking very well drained and firm despite all the wet weather of late. Not the most even of surfaces which could cause unpredictable bounce but great to see a facility such as this available. Was a dry day which was something in itself, a chilly breeze the sun setting low behind one of the goals would pose a few problems especially in the 1st half.

Bury Town Ladies starting XI - Charlotte Osborne, Lisa Pratt (C), Stephanie Hanratty, Norma Locker, Jennifer Gray, Mia Bambury, Gemma Carter, Gabrielle Whitehurst, Laura Brame, Emma Baldry & Nadine Basson.
subs - Roberta Ibbison-Steele, Shelby Beveridge & Catherine Upton.

Ipswich Wanderers Ladies starting XI - Ellie Bird, Charlotte Pettman, Kirby King, Jess Taylor, Kristie Turner, Jess Whurr, Tarnya McKew (C), Kimberly Rex, Michelle Allum, Claire Turnbull & Leanne Parker.
subs - Alice Ager & Laura Tuley

( roll on roll off substitutes )

  Ipswich Wanderers switch ends at the coin toss putting Bury Town goalkeeper Charlotte Osborne in the goal facing the setting sun. Bury Town kick off the game wearing an all blue strip with white trim on the collar and sleeves with Ipswich Wanderers lined up opposite wearing yellow shirts with black sleeves, black shorts and socks.Both sides test the wide area's early on playing the ball out to the left side of the pitch on both occasions the defences come out on top.
  Ipswich Wanderers captain Tarnya McKew leading the line for the visitors gets hold of the ball looks to turn the Bury Town defence power her way through the middle into the area, closest to her is Mia Bambury, times her tackle well to get her foot on the end of the ball take it away from McKew. Neither goalkeeper is called into actin in the opening 5 minutes.

 The first to get hold of the ball is Ipswich Wanderers goalkeeper, Ellie Bird as Bury Town attack down the right, Gemma Carter looking to drive up the pitch take on the player directly in front of her, her 1st attempt to cross is blocked the ball rolling back to her captain Lisa Pratt up in support from right back, sends the ball back out to Carter who takes on the shot wide of the area aiming near post, Bird is in position to bring the ball into her chest.

  Carter is doing well out on the right for Bury Town wins the ball back as Ipswich Wanderers look to play it out from the back, taking two steps is 25 yards out takes on the early shot coming in high, Bird flings herself at the shot turning it around the post for a corner kick. Bury Town are playing a high line in defence which is leaving alot of space between them and their goalkeeper, McKew is working hard to cover all areas in and behind the Bury Town defence making herself available for the long pass when her side win the ball back, almost capitalises on an error at the back a loose pass putting the defence under pressure but Norma Locker not usually playing in defence keeps composed with McKew lurking to head the ball safely back to her keeper. 

   Jess Whurr bringing the ball into the opposition half for Ipswich Wanderers, slots the ball forwards for Claire Turnbell making a run off the right to get inside outside the box under pressure from the Bury Town defence puts her shot straight into Osborne who gathers up the ball.

Ipswich Wanderers, Claire Turnbull getting in on goal

   A free flowing game, Carter with the ball at her feet on the right covers plenty of grass before squaring her cross back to the players racing in towards the edge of the area, up with play midfielder Gabrielle Whitehurst meets the cross hitting her shot 1st time drilling the ball wide of the right post. Up the other end Ipswich Wanderers, Jess Taylor steals the ball from the Bury Town defence getting in behind them right of the area hits a shot from just outside the box places the ball directly into Osborne who holds on to the shot.

  Osborne is having problems with the sun one glove up shielding her eyes as Ipswich Wanderers build an attack. The visitors ar enjoying a spell of keep ball around the Bury Town area the ball eventually going out for a throw deep in the right, comes in long across the face of the box, central Kristie Turner lets the ball roll across her before knocking it on a yard the space opens up for her to take on the shot might have been angling just wide of the top corner but Osborne can't know that as rising ball arrows in produces a fantastic save throwing herself up and back to tip the ball behind for the corner kick. 

  Is a good contest both sides having spells of possession but neither dominating 20 minutes gone and Bury Town are on the attack Laura Brame bringing the ball forwards, plays a great pass out to Basson peeling out to the left, looking to get her head down and make a run into the box, she runs into Kirby King one of the three at the back for Ipswich Wanderers, is a firm challenge to win the ball back and bringing it out sets up a counter attack...

  GOAL! King plays it long down the right with McKew moving out into space to receive it gets up to the area quickly, with her team mates piling forwards, comes inside pushing hard to get across the area sends the ball out to the right with Leanne Parker looking to get in behind is pushed to the ground by Pratt the referee immediately pointing to the penalty spot. Up steps Turner to take it, sends the ball to the right of the diving Osborne the ball nestling in the back of the net as Turner wheels away in celebration 0-1.

Kristie Turner wheels away in celebration after scoring the penalty for Ipswich Wanderers

  Bury Town making joy up the right with Carter on the ball once more get players forwards the ball is put across the face of the area again, Basson closest can't get contact on the ball, rolls into Emma Baldry behind her looks to wrap her foot over the ball, her shot looping up but lacking any power bounces before Bird who takes it cleanly. McKew latches onto another poor ball from Bury Town at the back as a throw is presented straight to her 25 yards out goes for goal misses by a yard. Bury Town make a change with Baldry coming off for Catherine Upton in attack.

   Kimberly Rex getting hold of the ball in the centre of midfield for Ipswich Wanderers sends a great pass over the top of the Bury Town defence with Michelle Allum making the run to get in behind, the ball dropping over her shoulder doesn't bounce favourably wanting to hit the shot on the half volley sends her effort wide of goal. Allum then has a chance to go for goal from 25 yards out wide on the left from a free kick, gets the ball on target coming in low, Osborne is well placed in the centre of her goal to save.

Ipswich Wanderers, Kristie Turner.

  McKew gets in behind the Bury Town back line as they get caught out trying to push up, Osborne dealing with the sun looks to have reacted too late as she comes rushing out to close McKew down the keeper slides in at the edge of her area as McKew pulls the trigger, the keeper gets something on the ball as it goes past her rolls towards the goal but just wide of the far post corner given. Ipswich Wanderers are pushing Bury Town back ate in the half, McKew with her back to goal 20 yards out holds the ball up well before laying the pass out to Parker on the left, she has Allum behind her giving her the ball she goes for goal from the corner of the box angling the ball in towards the near post Osborne has it covered.

Half-time Bury Town Ladies 0-1 Ipswich Wanderers Ladies

  A good contest between two evenly matches sides. Ipswich Wanderers edging the 1st have have the advantage by a single goal. Have found space in behind the Bury Town defence with McKew using the space well making herself available for the ball when her team mates win it back. Osborne in the Bury Town goal has dealt well with having the sun in her eyes 1st half and it looks a good call from the visitors as by the time the 2nd half kicks off and Bird is standing in that goal the sun has fallen behind the Asda supermarket over the road.

   Ipswich Wanderers kick off the 2nd half, have Bury Town pushed back in their own half in the opening couple of minutes. A cross is fired into the box from the right straight at Locker who does well to keep it from escaping past her clearing it back out to the right, Allum is first to the ball hits a cross/shot in towards the near post Osborne jumps up to grab it. Both sides when they win it at the back look to get on with the game get it forwards quickly, Carter looking the biggest threat for Bury Town attacking down the right.

  GOAL! Bury Town get themselves back on level terms early in the 2nd half, the home side winning a free kick wide on the left, 30 yards out from goal. Carter crosses the pitch to take the set-piece players are lining up far post for her as she angles the ball in to that area. The ball is a good one doesn't need a touch, has Bird in trouble as it comes in too high for her to save dipping late to drop under the bar 1-1.

  Turnbull attacks down the right flank for Ipswich Wanderers gets into a good position to cross sends the ball in too close to Osborne the keeper grabbing the ball before McKew can get to it. The action is end to end driving through the middle Whitehurst puts the ball into the run of Basson in front of her driving for the area again, runs into King again the defender tackling well. From a throw deep on the right played long into the area Basson under challenge from King at the far post does well to get a shot away the ball looping up into the air drops wide of the far post.

Gabrielle Whitehurst bringing the ball forwards for Bury Town Ladies

  Bird with some brave goalkeeping on the edge of her area slides in to save, as Bury Town's Brame looks to get in on a ball put forwards by Basson, Brame coming in from the left looks to have beaten the defender to the ball, Bird sensing danger comes out well to slide in and save. Ipswich Wanderers bring on Alice Ager for Parker.

Ipswich Wanderers goalkeeper Ellie Bird making the save.

 Turnbull wins her side a corner on the right side the ball is played long over to the far post Bury Town heading it away for a throw on the left, Ipswich Wanderers take it quickly the cross comes in a yard out flashing across the face of goal, Turner charging in at the opposite post lowers her head to try and turn it home, can't get the needed touch. 

  Bury Town are playing deeper 2nd half and this is keeping McKew quieter with now space to exploit behind, that doesn't mean they have quietened the threat she poses now coming deeper to ask for the ball moving out to the right of the pitch gets the ball at her feet and rolling her marker get's in for a shot at a tight angle, looking to fire the ball across the keeper at the near post Osborne gets down throwing a leg forwards to take the ball wide and out beyond the far post. 2nd change for Ipswich Wanderers, Laura Tuley on for Whurr.

Bury Town Ladies, Jennifer Gray battling with Ipswich Wanderers Tanya McKew for the ball

  Basson wins Bury Town a throw deep on the right, Pratt comes forwards to take it has a good long throw on her places it into the area, Charlotte Pettman heads it clear for Ipswich Wanderers, possession is regain for Bury Town by Jennifer Gray on the left side puts a brilliant ball forwards cutting the visitors defence open with Brame getting in behind would have been through on goal but as she did earlier on Bird is off her line in a flash and sliding in to smother the ball at her feet before the shot can even be made.

  Bury Town bring on Shelby Beveridge who goes into an attacking position with Upton coming off. Brame on the ball for Bury Town on the left inside the Ipswich Wanderers half jinks right then left their are calls for her to shoot but she has Beveridge making a good run into the box down the left switches the ball sending it into her path, Bird makes the decision to come again sliding across the grass doing enough to put Beveridge off.

   Ipswich Wanderers call for a penalty as McKew storming forwards on the ball drives into the area, goes down but the referee waves the appeals away. Bury Town go up the other end and win a corner, this one is a good delivery played out to the edge of the area, locker is the play stepping forwards onto the ball gets good contact with her header but off target. 

  GOAL! Ipswich Wanderers retake the lead, with the end to end nature of the match the rapid counter attack was always on for both sides, breaking up a Bury Town attack the ball is delivered through the middle with McKew making the run the ball rolled into her feet, Osborne seeing the danger has to come commits on the edge of her area sliding in, McKew takes the ball around her to the left and sends the ball home into the empty net 1-2.

Ipswich Wanderers captain Tarnya Mckew with
Bury Town defender Stephanie Hanratty

  Almost immediately from the restart Ipswich Wanderers have an opportunity to make it 3 and give themselves a huge advantage in the game, Turner wins the ball plays it long with Allum the playing getting into the box to receive it, central to goal Osborne in front of her six yards out lunges looking to sweep the ball over the keeper, falling back Osborne flings a glove up a fingertip save lifting the ball over the crossbar a vital save.

Gemma Carter scorer of both
goals for Bury Town Ladies
  GOAL! 10 minutes left on the clock and time for more drama as Bury Ton bring the scores level again. Basson never one to back down from a challenge wins a 50/50 inside the Ipswich Wanderers half, gets the ball into the feet of Beveridge back to the goal in front of the D, sprays the ball out to the right with Carter bursting a lung to get in behind takes on the shot from an acute angle placing the ball across the keeper to nestle into the back of the net at the far post 2-2.

   Roberta Ibbison-Steele comes on late on for Bury Town in place of Brame on the left. Late into the match both sides continue to press hard the final ball just won't come and it ends all square 2-2 the points shared. Overall a fair result, a good contest between two energetic sides, as evenly matched as I've seen, both could have won it and both keepers pulled off some fantastic saves, another great game to watch and what's more it didn't rain either.


 A long lay off for Ipswich Wanderers now as they wait for everyone else to catch up won't play a competitive match again until Febuary. Bury Town have two more home matches coming up next Sunday against fellow Suffolk side Long Melford Ladies before taking on league leaders Writtle Ladies on the 24th January.

  My thanks to both teams managers for their help with the teams today.



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